05th Aug2014

‘WWE Live in the UK: May 2014’ DVD Review

by Chris Cummings


Still feeling the tremors created at WrestleMania XXX and Extreme Rules, the WWE hit the shores of the UK in May of 2014 for a series of live shows, including London’s O2 Arena where, Hulkamania returned and WWE’s biggest names tore it up in the ring for the British fans.

WWE put out these “live” recordings every year, and for the most-part they are really just a bunch of matches that, while not unwatchable, are similar to the ones you’d see on RAW or Smackdown each week. If you were there in person then I could see why you’d want to pick this release up, and if you are a WWE DVD collector then I can also see the appeal of this, but otherwise this is just a run-of-the-mill DVD release featuring some okay matches, some top stars, but little else.

The matches are, as usual, a mixture of good and not-so-good. Sheamus vs. Cesaro and The Uso’s vs. Harper & Rowan are enjoyable, as they usually are, while Paige vs. Alicia Fox is not so good. Still, with guys like Bray Wyatt, RVD, Dolph Ziggler and others, there are plenty of popular WWE stars involved that it might intrigue some fans.

I think these sets would be much more interesting if they were packed full of features such as lengthy video diaries of the WWE Superstars as they embark on overseas tours. It would be something different, and something exclusive that could sell the DVD to people, like me, who find nothing worth spending £12.99 on otherwise. It isn’t a bad release, but it is very niche. Not many people will have much reason to pick this up, and like other WWE Live releases, it will undoubtedly be available pretty cheap in a few months’ time.

Special feature-wise we get a 1989 match from WWE’s first ever live event in the UK between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, which is interesting. I still couldn’t help but feel like more features could and should have been added though. Why not just include the rest of that “first WWE live event in the UK” show in it’s entirety? Baffling.

Not bad, but not exactly great either, this will only appeal to a certain amount of fans. WWE Live in the UK: May 2014 will be released by Freemantle Media on August 11th 2014.


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