24th Jul2014

‘Tapestry of Passion’ Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido

Stars: Sharon Thorpe, John Leslie, Lesllie Bovee, John Holmes, Annette Haven, Desiree West | Written and Directed by Alan Colberg


Sharon Thorpe (Sexworld, Candy Stripers) plays as the beautiful and mysterious Black Widow who has a habit of  murdering unsuspecting customers in the comfort of her own nicely decorated S&M club (I appreciate my sadists having good taste) with poison, just like a Black Widow spider. When poor old nymphomaniac Tom, played by John Leslie (Exposed, Vista Valley PTA) falls foul to Black Widow’s hobby, his sister Jean, played by the lovely Lesllie Bovee (Eruption, Maraschino Cherry) turns to the only man for the job… The one and only Johnny Wadd who is of course played by the big man himself, John Holmes (Aunt Peg, Marina Vice).

On his investigations he meets Tom’s wife Pat who is played by Annette Haven (Barbara Broadcast, Lady Freaks) and the wife of another victim Cindy Benton, played by Desiree West (Teen Angel, Fantasy in Blue). Of course, Johnny does his utmost to please… I mean, assist these poor grieving and sensuous ladies by solving the case and dishing out justice all over Black Widow’s face. Will he succeed? Will he become Black Widow’s next victim? You’re going to have to put on your deerstalker and get to the greasy bottom of this case… but beware, the Black Widow has one hell of a bite!

Written and directed by Alan Colberg (Bad Girl, All Night Long) and of course based on the legendary character created by Bob Chinn (Long John, Hot Legs), Tapestry of Passion is a fun flick. Of course, John Holmes’ ‘detective skills’ are fine as always. Although brief, John Leslie’s contribution is fantastic and of course, the wonderful ladies all do a stellar job. Sharon Thorpe steals the show whenever she is on screen, her over the top and screeching portrayal of the sadistic Black Widow is wonderful and somewhat hammy but never gets too much. The sex is pretty top notch throughout and the selection of library music that accompanies it is just as great. One thing I would have liked to have seen however, is maybe a bit more action but thankfully, Wadd’s dialogue alone took my mind off such a trivial aspect. For an unofficial entry in to the Wadd universe, this is definitely a film worth seeking out.

It’s little surprise that once again, Vinegar Syndrome have delivered the goods in the presentation department. Once again, this film is restored in 2K from the original 35mm camera negatives and is presented in its lovely 1.85:1 original aspect ratio. The films opening sequence, although simple really stood out to me in this print… it’s the tiny things that really make the difference for me.

Tapestry of Passion is presented as part of a Peekarama double feature with Alan Colberg’s All Night Long which also stars John Holmes. Included are trailers for both films so once again, you are getting a lovely package… a bit of John Holmes double penetration never hurt anyone… I think. Go seek this release out, it’s worth it alone for Tapestry of Passion.

You can pick up the release directly from Vinegar Syndrome here and of course through many online retailers.


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