17th Jul2014

‘Wynter #3’ Comic Review

by Richard Axtell

Written by Guy Hasson | Art by Aron Elekes | Published by New World Comics | Format: Digital Only


Issue 3 of the comic series Wynter starts with a bang as Liz Wynter is hunted by a Supreme Agent. He can predict what she will do before she does it. He can find her location using the apps built into her mind and he has been sent to kill her. Locked up in a cell Liz has to figure out how to escape before she is killed. She will have to give up everything she knows and loves to survive to hunt and her life will be changed forever. But will she be able to escape?

Guy Hasson and Aron Elekes are at it again with the third instalment of the Wynter sci-fi series set in a future where technology is in everything and everyone. Everyone can find out anything about everything and no one is special anymore. The first two issues introduced this world and how Wynter fits into it, or rather how she doesn’t. This issue brings the action as she desperately tries to figure out how to out-wit a hunter who knows everything she will do before she does it. What results is a desperate game of cat and mouse as she tries to escape using random actions. It keeps the heart pumping and the action flowing at a fast pace.

Again, along with the story, Elekes brings a level of art which makes the story feel so real, you are sure you could reach into the pages and touch it. The heavy use of dark colours and sometimes limited backgrounds in the panels emphasises the isolation and fear which Wynter feels throughout and doesn’t skimp on the action at all. You will find yourself dragged into the dark and scary, technology rich world were it feels like everyone it watching.

When I reviewed the first 2 issues of this series I told you to go out and get this comic. Well guess what? I am going to tell you the same thing now. This is a well thought out, well drawn out story which looks like it is going interesting places in a science fiction universe that you do not want to miss. With the first two issues now available on Comixology as well, don’t pretend like you have an excuse not to get it.

The first three issues of Wynter are available from independent publisher New World Comics. For more info on Wynter and the rest of New World Comics’ digital comic releases follow them on Twitter and check out their Facebook page.


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