16th Jul2014

The Fangirl Diaries: Diary # 7 – Embrace Your Geekness Day

by Phil Wheat


The Fangirls: Meli, Elsie & Tammy (pictured above) are the hosts of The Fangirl Diaries a vlog/podcast whose goal is to change your opinion of the fangirl. We’re proud to have The Fangirl Diaries as a part of Nerdly.co.uk and we hope you enjoy their videos… As they say for themselves:

We flail, squee and tumble, but are also intelligent, inquisitive and passionate. Everyone has fangirl moments. We can’t wait to share ours.

In this episode the fangirls chat a little bit about what makes them geeky and proud. With a special guest appearance by Pooka Machine from Ocho Placas Tattoo. Check it out:

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