10th Jul2014

‘The Wolf Among Us Chapter 5: Cry Wolf’ Review (Xbox 360)

by Paul Metcalf


The Wolf Among Us has simmered, waiting to boil over through the first four episodes…like the wolf trying to break out of Bigby’s skin.  We’ve seen some action from him as he fights for the truth behind the Fable deaths, but only really seen the Wolf come out once and even then it didn’t have full reign.  As we reach episode five Cry Wolf, the beast is unleashed and the confrontation with the Crooked Man finally takes place, and oh what a confrontation it is.

As I finished the fourth episode I felt that The Wolf Among Us was going to touch on a path that was brave and could change everything we’ve come to expect from the game, but Cry Wolf really had much more to say and on a bigger scale.  This being the final episode all the cards are laid out, the truth is revealed and justice has to be served.  With the Crooked Man and Bloody Mary at the ready, do they have enough to take on the Big Bad Wolf? Also when the smoke has cleared will Fable Town ever be the same again?

In some ways I expected Cry Wolf to focus more on the revelations and less on action, but what we get is a perfect mix of both.  With the initial conversation we find out who the murderer is, then all hell breaks loose as things start to fall apart.  The action sequences that come are quick time event heavy, but this is the way that Telltale Games move from the adventure game model to fighting, we know it well and go with the motions.  The initial fight scenes are easy enough, and thankfully do fit into the narrative while also setting the pace for what is to come.

As we know Cry Wolf is the final episode and everything has to be resolved.  As the action comes thick and fast you do get caught up in the chase, Bigby finally lets the wolf out and in story terms I couldn’t help but wonder what repercussions there would be with him running through the streets as the werewolf for the human world to see,  this is ignored, and in truth we don’t have time to worry about that too much.

What is impressive about this episode of The Wolf Among Us is there are finally moments where you do think “wow” at the sheer scale of what the game is becoming.  The more subtle style of previous episodes are pushed into the background and it’s a little bit of a shock to the system, but it feels good to finally let the beast out.  Even with the focus on action though, the story still manages to flow and conclusions are found to the story arcs.  The finale featuring most of the cast of characters (that have survived) end up in a scene that feels like a game of chess, moving back to the dialogue driven debating system, you can almost feel the tide of opinion swaying between characters and with well written lines that help show the opinion of the crowd the tension builds up as you fight for what you believe should be the verdict.  If The Wolf Among Us could be said to have lacked intensity at times, this finale sure hit home where everything has been leading to and why you as the player have put so much time into it.

With an ambiguous ending that keeps a few doors open for another season of The Wolf Among Us Chapter 5: Cry Wolf  really hits the stride that was needed for The Wolf Among Us to feel an overall success.  Events may not have gone how I personally wanted them to and there was a certain something I wanted to change at the end, but with that I hope it can be remedied in the future.  The Wolf Among Us for me has hit the perfect mark with Cry Wolf and I for one want more.

***** 5/5

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