11th Jun2014

‘Shadow Walkers’ DVD Review

by Richard Axtell

Stars: Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, Natalie Hall, Rohan Kymal, Adam David Thompson, Ronald Ogden, Bernard D. Jones, April Billingsley, Peter Luis Zimmerman, Chelsea Hayes, Marla Malcolm | Written by Bill Gullo | Directed by Dennis Iliadis


Three friends are attending the biggest party of the year when things take a turn for the strange. The lights begin to flicker off and when they turn back on, everyone at the party has a copy of themselves from a few minutes earlier. This mysterious phenomenon quickly turns the party into chaos as every time the lights turn back on, the copies are a few minutes closer. What will happen when the copies catch up? Who will survive? Can they stay alive?

Shadow Walkers is definitely a strange film. At first glance, it gives us a lot of the expected. A college ‘party’ where everyone is drunk, dancing to loud music and everyone seems to want to take their clothes off. Rhys Wakefield plays as the film’s lead, David, who has come to the party mainly to apologise to his now ex-girlfriend, played by Ashley Hinshaw, for messing up their relationship and with the mind to try and start things off again. As the party starts to get a bit weird, we see David try to turn the events to his advantage and solve the problem he has created. Unfortunately, this storyline gets a bit lost as the phenomenon occurs and actually twists David’s character from being a ‘poor guy who just wants to make amends’ to a creepy, stalker-esqe type who will do anything to get his way.

Apart from a ‘meteor from space’, don’t expect much explanation from this film. Its focus is definitely the party, and the party goers reaction to the crisis. This in itself is not a bad thing, but I did feel that maybe a little bit more was needed. The film hinted that something bigger could be going on at little points throughout the film and I really wanted it to explore this more, but it seemed to favour more ‘partying’ shots instead which leaves the story feeling a bit underwhelming and unfulfilled at the end.

Shadow Walkers‘ story isn’t terrible, and it does raise some intriguing questions about how we might react if faced with this situation. The sci-fi/thriller has some beautiful shots which would fit it in perfectly with its genre, creating the right level of intrigue and mystery. However, I don’t feel it pursues them far enough, going for cheap thrills of nudity and violence instead, resulting in a less than satisfying film.

Shadow Walkers (aka +1) is released on DVD on June 23rd, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.


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