06th Jun2014

Start your engines – ‘Death Race 4’ revs up!

by Phil Wheat

It’s not often we run news stories here on Nerdly but when it involves one of my favourite writer/directors working today there’s absolutely no way I’m not sharing this with you guys. So what’s the news?

Well Tony Giglio, director of one of the best films of last year – Extraction (think of it as the American successor to The Raid) – has returned, as screenwriter, to the franchise which he managed to successfully reboot on DVD and, with his script for the third film, surpass the original movie… I’m talking Death Race. And more specifically Death Race 4.

I’ll let this image, which Giglio tweeted earlier today, do all the talking… And it goes without saying I’m super-excited to see where the franchise is headed after the amazing third film.



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