30th May2014

‘Wynter: Issue 1 & 2’ Comic Review

by Richard Axtell

Written by Guy Hasson | Art by Aron Elekes | Published by New World Comics | Format: Digital Only


In the future, dreams are recorded at night for people to watch and follow if they like them. Apps are in people’s minds, displaying images in front of them. Technology is everywhere. Liz Wynter isn’t special. She has a voice in her head which tells her so. It tells her how many people have the same hair colour as her, how many people act the same way as her and how many people have the same DNA as her. How can Liz Wynter be special when so many people have done exactly the same thing? However, when she downloads an app called ‘Hacktech’, stealing other people’s apps, her life takes an interesting turn which she could not have expected.

The first thing you’ll notice when you start reading Wynter is the art. Aron Elekes brings this story to life at a blockbuster film level. This science fiction tale is beautiful. The futuristic metropolis where Liz Wynter lives is thriving, dirty and almost exactly how I would picture the future. Flying cars, holographic technology built into people and manipulated by a flick of a hand, everything about the world recorded and stored down to the minutest detail, it’s all there and Elekes shows it to us perfectly. What’s really good is that even though this comic is set in the far future, it is quite easy to see the world ending up like this, which brings an even bigger element of realism to the comic.

Of course I haven’t really talked about the story yet. Writer Guy Hasson has created an amazing world and within it has an exciting sci-fi story. Liz is a typical 17 year old, rebellious and wanting to put her own mark on the world. This is a lot harder when you are constantly reminded how insignificant you are and how you are so similar to everyone else. What begins as a story about a girl who is fed up with the world, wallowing in her despair, quickly turns into an exciting adventure as she decides to take her life into her own hands by stealing a car. Following a surprising and brief cameo from Judge Judy, the story takes on a faster and more intense storyline which plunges into the second issue leaving you wanting more. A perhaps slightly slower start is forgiven and well worth it as a world of assassins and more is revealed to us and you begin to realise that not everything is a perfect as it seems.

If you are a science fiction fan, you definitely need to get a copy of this. If you aren’t a science fiction fan, you should become one and get a copy Wynter #1 and #2. This is definitely a rare gem of a comic and I am really excited to see where the story goes in the future.

Wynter #1 and #2 are available from independent publisher New World Comics. For more info on Wynter and the rest of New Wolrd Comics’ digital comic releases follow them on Twitter and check out their Facebook pageWynter #1 is also available in ComiXology for $1.99

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