29th May2014

‘The Wolf Among Us Chapter 4: In Sheeps Clothing’ Review (Xbox 360)

by Paul Metcalf


After the battle of A Crooked Mile, Bigby is in bad shape, this leads to a very painful scene where he needs some major fixing, something the gamer takes part in, in a scene that will make you cringe.   We now know who the enemy is and have an idea of what we have to do, but the main question is just how do we find the Fable behind the murders, and just how deep does the corruption go in Fabletown?

As I mentioned dialog is heavy in episode four of The Wolf Among Us and we are given a lot of food for thought.  Snow White is looking to lay down the law, and as we are so far into the game we have our own moral feeling as to what Bigby should do, this may not fit with White’s agenda as you’ll notice as she frowns a lot in this episode. I get the feeling that chapter five could see choices that don’t exactly fit her vision for Fabletown, but you’ll make Bigby do them because it just feels right.  I should say I hope this is the way it will go though as I may be reading events wrong.  There is a hint of ambiguity in the actions of all of the characters, whatever side they are on and things are changing in Fabletown.  I’m hoping that Bigby has a decision to make, one that may contradict what we’ve come to expect because of events in previous episodes, but this is what makes this game good.

Even though there is a lot of talk in the episode there is also action with plenty of brutality.  The fight is violent and drawn out to emphasise the importance, as we are nearing the conclusion of the story the enemies are no longer just the random foot soldiers but the lieutenants that have been manipulating events and working in the shadows.  As always with these battles they are driven by the game, but there is a feel that we are a part of it, as we are drawn into the story and know to find out the information, we must defeat the enemy.  There is a feel of helplessness though, as in truth the emphasis in this episode is to set up the big payoff that we’ll hopefully get to see in episode five.

As we end In Sheep’s Clothing and get the teaser for the next episode, I can’t help but feel there is a potential for The Wolf Among Us to end with one hell of a bang, but the trailer tended to stray away from the ending that I find myself hoping for.  Although the statistics at the end of the game said I made a choice that went against the popular actions of other games, I tend to think I made the right move.  If Bigby is going to become the character he is destined to be and change from the Big Bad Wolf, will the end be bloody or actually a little more thought out? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Wolf Among Us has a stronger story than The Walking Dead Season Two, yet at times it feels less popular.  The reason behind this may have been the long delay between episodes one and two, and this did some damage to the anticipation gamers had for the game.  Hopefully as we reach the finale people will realise just how strong this story has been, and how good a character Bigby is, but for this to be seen the final episode has to delivery.  In Sheep’s Clothing has delivered a good build up to episode five, now to see the big payoff when it finally arrives.

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