10th Apr2014

‘The Wolf Among Us Chapter 3: The Crooked Mile’ Review (Xbox 360)

by Paul Metcalf


Sometimes I do wonder why I put up with Telltale Games and their adventures.  If it’s not The Walking Dead, now we have The Wolf Among Us to push us towards those hard decisions we don’t want to make, and when we do get rushed into them, realise we just did the wrong thing.  With The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 3 – The Crooked Mile we finally hit that sweet spot where decisions are really gut wrenching, things are about to get tough.

If you are reading this I’m sure you’ve already played the second episode and know the huge twist that came with that, but I won’t spoil it because spoilers are just not fair.  What is fair though is to say that this episode continues where the last left off, and Bigby is trying to keep things together without letting his anger lose control.  As the investigation continues and you track down the killer other Fables either stand in your way or watch you with suspicion looking to you to either sort this mess out, or prove just what a big bad wolf you really are.

I will admit that with The Wolf Among Us although it did keep me wanting to play and it was very good it still was missing that truly emotional moment that pushed it to the greatness of what was achieved with the first season of The Walking Dead.  With The Crooked Mile right from the start you do feel the need to keep everybody calm, especially Bigby.  There is a tone in the conversations and general atmosphere that one wrong move and you’ve messed everything up, and even worse you’ll go too far.  With a funeral to get through and an investigation to get through you really have to be on your best behaviour, and the clock is ticking.  There is a feeling of urgency that prods you to make actions, whether you like them or not.

When it comes to the characters it really feels that Telltale Games have hit their stride when it comes to the Fables.  We now know Bigby and Snow White, we can even read the Woodcutter and his emotions and know when he is telling the truth.  These characters are realistic enough to drag us into the story and cling to our emotions, just building up for that moment when they can rip them apart, and trust me when I say the conclusion of this episode really does take a knife to your nerves.  I say this knowing that I’ve probably made a wrong decision, one that will come back to haunt me in future chapters.  The fact is though in the heat of the moment, and when you play the game you will know the moment…I reacted, and then realised I went too far.  Snow White let me know this fact, and I know that this will not be forgotten and will come back to haunt me.

There are moments with The Wolf Among Us that make me like it more than The Walking Dead, it is a more interesting story though less emotional.  Chapter 3 – The Crooked Mile though is an episode where much is revealed, though we thought that happened last time but I think it is fair to say that a certain added character has torn the fabric of Fabletown apart, and boy do they love it.  I won’t spoil who they are but they may just be the coolest character we’ve seen so far.  We’ll be seeing more of them real soon I bet, and I can’t wait.

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