02nd Mar2014

‘Lost Girl: The Complete Third Season’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


Shows based on fairy tale creatures seem to be popular at the moment, it’s almost as if the studios thought there was a gap in the market which was left by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  With Grimm and Once Upon A Time arguably the most popular of these types of shows it often feels like Lost Girl is sat in the background fighting for some attention.  Lost Girl: The Complete Third Season is being releasedMarch 3rd on DVD and in many ways season three feels like the season where Lost Girl did a little catching up.

With the main character in Lost Girl being a Succubus it comes as no surprise really that the show has a more adult tone and more importantly it’s sexy.  In season three we see Bo (Anna Silk) having to make the most important decision of her life as a Succubus and find her destiny, The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is up to her old tricks which pretty much means trying to kill Bo and there are plenty of dramas going on in Bo’s love life, which pretty much sums up the show really.  There is much more of course such as the “monster of the week” stories, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and her fight to be a part of the group and a season long murder mystery that looks to be connected to Bo.

When watching Lost Girl it’s pretty evident that it’s a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s at its best when it is at its quirkiest.  When things tend to get too serious there is a lull in the tempo and it tends to suffer from that, but at the pace most of the stories go this isn’t something that happens much.  One thing you do have to get used to though is the language used, it’s very “pop-culture” meaning lots of movie and television references and such words as “bestie” and “BFFs” are often used a little too much.  This is tolerable though as this is just part of the show and you tend to get used to it.

When it comes to the mythology of the show and the use of monsters to push the story lines Lost Girl tends to do quite well, especially in season three.  Later in the season for example the constant hints that “The Wanderer” is coming and wants Bo actually feels quite stylishly done, especially with the constant use of the song in different forms.  It’s a nice touch, and even though it’s an old trick it is one that constantly works, which is the reason to use it really.

The real strength of shows like Lost Girl is the chemistry between the characters.  Bo and her group of friends which even includes Vex (Paul Amos) who will never get out of Spike’s shadow, the former bad guy with a British accent? Really? Though I do admit Vex is one of my favourite characters.  Lost Girl is a show that really wants to be Buffy, but to its strength it doesn’t need to do that at all.

Lost Girl: The Complete Third Season is perfect for fans of the show who will have course already watched it, but want it for their collection.  For newer fans that haven’t seen past seasons the show does a good job to guide them into the concept of the show and make them feel comfortable, especially people who like shows such as Buffy, Angel and maybe Grimm.  Where Grimm takes itself a little seriously though Lost Girl looks more to comedy and a quirkiness which makes the experience feel fun and easy to watch.   Is Season Three the best season of Lost Girl? Well I’m sure that is debatable but it does its job of entertaining us well.

Lost Girl: The Complete Third Season will be available on DVD across the UK from tomorrow, March 3rd.

Review originally posted on PissedOffGeek.com

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