26th Feb2014

LEGO Mixels: Series 1 – Teslo, Vulk & Seismo Review

by Phil Wheat

LEGO Mixels is a brand new collection of mini, pocket-money sized building sets which will be released in three series throughout the year, enabling children to mix and match the colourful, mischievous Mixels characters, and create their own weird and wacky story lines.

Series 1 is made up of three quirky tribes to collect: the Infernites, the Cragsters and the Electroids, and each model, priced at just RRP £3.00, features up to 70 pieces of LEGO, with brand new LEGO elements such as eyes, teeth, and ball joints.

In this video review we take a look at 3 Mixels:

41501 VULK. One-eyed VULK is the strong but dim-witted member of the red-hot tribe of Infernites which live in the magma wastelands near the planet’s core. The scorching-hot hands of VULK can melt escape routes through solid rock and fend off Nixels… just stay clear of this loyal and goofy Mixel’s super-hot high-fives!

41504 SEISMO. A quiet and shy Cragster, just a nervous tap of this Mixel’s huge feet can cause an earthquake. This can be useful when Nixels attack because SEISMO’s stomp can cause an avalanche to bury them!

41506 TESLO. Teslo is the lookout for the yellow tribe. TESLO has an electrically charged tail to zap any Nixels who challenge him. This dynamic Mixel has a secret fear of heights… well, not so secret, but the other Electroids don’t let TESLO know that they know!

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