28th Jan2014

Watch Now: ‘The Overreactioneer’ – A Vigilante Documentary

by Phil Wheat

Check out The Overreactioneer – a hilarious new short from RedShirt Films, the folks behind web series’ I Am Tim and Nights at the Round Table.

The Overreactioneer is a very troubled man who patrols the streets of York keeping them “safe” from the threats of the criminal underworld. Litterers, rule breakers and minor public order offenders (playing football on the grass, crossing the road in an undesignated area) should beware.

Subscribe to RedShirt Films YouTube channel – http://tinyurl.com/redshirtsubscribe
Check out tabletop gaming romcom “Nights at the Round Table” – http://tinyurl.com/nightsep1
Watch splatter filled monster hunting comedy “I AM TIM” – http://tinyurl.com/iamtimseason1


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