20th Dec2013

Top 5: Celebrities with Serious Eye Issues

by James Smith


As fans of film and celebrity culture, we often get caught up in thinking of actors and actresses as flawless people. In truth, we know this isn’t the case, but nonetheless it’s hard not to get swept up in the idea. You know, like when you watch someone like Jennifer Lawrence captivating audiences with raw beauty and naturalism (even while playing a character built on imperfections) in Silver Linings Playbook. And then there’s Chris Hemsworth, who shined so brightly in Rush that you wonder if he actually transformed into a god after playing Thor. Well, you get the idea.

The reality is that many popular actors and actresses deal with the same nagging issues and imperfections that plague the rest of us, and among these are eye issues. A massive percentage of the population suffers from imperfect vision, but in Hollywood these issues can be quite trying. Why? Because glasses aren’t always an option depending on roles, and everything from work schedules to scene lighting can impact eye care.

But, just to better understand our friends on the Red Carpet, here are five celebrities you might not realize have serious eye issues.

    1. Johnny Depp – In an interview with Rolling Stone, Depp revealed that he not only has blurry natural vision but is nearly blind in his left eye! He also suffers from myopia in his right eye, giving him problematic vision on both sides. According to Acuvue, this condition is commonly known as near-sightedness. At any rate, let us hope that behind all the black eyeliner, Jack Sparrow had some contact lenses in place. As Depp says, he can only see a few inches in front of his face without his glasses.
    2. Judi Dench – Sadly, the beloved actress has been battling macular degeneration. This condition essentially refers to the gradual deterioration of vision in older adults, resulting in distortion, blurriness, and other issues, and there’s a chance it could end Dench’s career. However, in an interview with the Daily Record, Dench sounded admirably determined to keep acting as long as she can
    3. Kristen Bell – The popular young actress actually has a lazy eye – essentially, an eye that “wanders” or skews to the side rather than focusing ahead as directed by the brain – which most would never notice glancing at her. Bell is quite secure about the condition, having even named her lazy eye “Wonky,” and says the problem is worse when fatigues sets in.
    4. Brad Pitt – So far as we know, Pitt’s problems didn’t go beyond ordinary, naturally imperfect vision. However, he is noteworthy for his decision to undergo laser eye surgery, which it seems has served him quite well.
    5. Forest Whitaker – Whitaker is well known for his lazy left eye, though in his case, it’s a vision problem as well. Whitaker says that when he looks up, he can’t see well out of his left eye, and that the problem might be fixed if his lazy eye is corrected.

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