19th Dec2013

Trailer, poster and first stills from Bill Oberst’s ‘Deadly Revisions’

by Phil Wheat

Director Gregory Blair’s moody horror film, Deadly Revisions, which stars Bill Oberst Jr., Dawna Lee Heising and Cindy Merrill, tells a terrifying tale of a writer trying to recover his memories, after experiencing an amnesia inducing coma.

Grafton Torn (Oberst Jr.). Torn has lost his memory after recovering from a coma. He experiences nightmarish visions, involving murder. A hypnotherapist helps Torn remember his past life. But, Torn’s horror writing blends reality and fiction together, until nothing is real anymore.

The first stills for Deadly Revisions show several actors and set pieces from the film – including actor Oberst Jr. is shown forefront as Torn, blade in hand. As well, actress Merrill is shown as hypnotherapist Ally, frightened and attacked by Torn. Actor Mikhail Blokh is also shown as Deter, Torn’s best friend.

Deadly Revisions is expected to bloody several film festivals in 2014… For more info on the film check out the official Facebook page.










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