15th Dec2013

‘Megaforce’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Barry Bostwick, Michael Beck, Persis Khambatta, Edward Mulhare, George Furth, Henry Silva | Written by Albert S. Ruddy | Directed by Hal Needham


Oh the 80s, how I love thee so… From the fashion and the music to the video games and the movies. And oh, what movies! From the decades big blockbusters to the direct-to-VHS dross that clogged video store shelves I loves me some 80s flicks. So when two of the decades most infamous flicks get re-released on DVD I just knew I had to check them out… First up, Megaforce!

I’ll admit, Megaforce passed me by back in the day, during the 80s I was all about the cheesy horror and anything Star Wars-esque. But, like any movie fan, the film’s reputation had not gone unnoticed by me… The film stars Barry Bostwick as Ace Hunter, leader of a mercenary army force who uphold peace, equipped with advanced weapons and vehicles who are called upon to intercede in the conflict between The Republic of Sardun and neighbouring Gamibia.

Directed by former stuntsman Hal Needham (Smokey and the Bandit), Megaforce is packed with familiar 80s faces, including Persis Khambatta  from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Warriors’ Michael Beck, Edward Mulhare from TV’s Knight Rider and the go-to actor for 80s movie villainy, Henry Silva. And it’s Knightrider that the film shares the most in common with – it has the same wild, adventurous escapism that marked that show out on television and it has the same crazy vehicular action. Only you haven’t seen anything quite so crazy as the motorbike stunts in Megaforce. After all, what other film or TV show boasts a flying bike?!

And whilst the films fashions and insane action may put the film in a category all it’s own, interestingly Megaforce features a portent of today’s privacy concerns… The folks at Megaforce HQ listen in on every conversation taking place around the world, storing the details of each and every conversation and person on their private servers. Remind you of any current government? Hard to believe a cheesy 80s flick could have predicted today’s privacy worries right?!

Megaforce is certainly not for everyone. Even hardened 80s cinema fans may struggle with this flick. But for those undiscerning film fans who don’t mind massive dollops of cheese (motorcycles with rockets and spandex suits anyone?) with their movies or those who love to put themselves through a bit of cinematic “pain”, this might just fit the bill.

As 80s as any 80s film can get, Megaforce is out now on DVD from Mediumrare.


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