13th Dec2013

DC announces ‘The New 52: Futures End’ for 2014 release

by Phil Wheat


Set to hit the shelves on May 3rd 2014, DC Entertainment has announced that the first edition of their new series The New 52: Future’s End will be released to coincide with Free Comic Book Day. The weekly publication will start with a special #0 edition, to be followed by a regular #1 edition later in the month.

It’s been less than 3 years since DC rebooted its superhero universe as the New 52, but the publishers clearly think it’s time that the history and the future of the Universe are explored. According to DC Entertainment’s press release, Future’s End will be set five years into the future of the current universe but will span multiple time periods and also focus on the past and present. The title is packed with creative writing talent with Jeff Lemire, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens and Brian Azzarello all contributing, and in true DC style the publication will feature art from some of the top illustrators, including Aaron Lopresti, Ethan van Sciver and Jesus Merino.

The revealing of The New 52: Future’s End series comes hot on the heels of DC’s announcement that Batman:Eternal  will also run as a weekly book in 2014. For avid DC fans this is about as exciting as hitting the jackpot at www.iPadcasino.ca as it means an additional 2 publications will be regularly available.

The basic idea of The New 52: Future’s End will be to explore what makes a superhero and initially the 3 focal characters will be Frankenstein in the past, Firestorm in the present and Terry McGuiness, a.k.a. Batman Beyond in the future. The magic of these weekly series’ is that they allow for character expansion and it will be really exciting to see who takes on a life that goes beyond the title. It’s happened in the past, so there’s no reason why it can’t happen again and DC has hinted that they might just be creating a whole new set of Superhero’s and villains in 2014.

Free Comic Book Day is always one of the best days of the year and with The New 52: Future’s End set to be released on the same day, it just got even better.


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