10th Dec2013

‘Adventure Time’ – Who’s Who in Ooo

by Phil Wheat

With Adventure Time: The Complete First Season hitting DVD this week, we thought we’d take a look at the cast of strange, but loveable, characters found in the hit show…

Finn the human


Abandoned in the woods as a child and raised by Jake the Dog’s parents, Finn may be the last human in OOO. This silly fifteen year old doesn’t look very dangerous in his signature hat that covers up his long, flowing blonde hair, but he is actually a very brave hero (except for his fear of oceans). Alongside his best friend Jake, Finn bravely fights evil on their many adventures throughout the land of OOO, he loves nothing more than saving the day using his skills in hand to hand combat.

Quote: “Mathematical!”

Jake the Dog


Jake the dog is Finn’s best friend and constant adventure companion. A very cultured and wise dog, he is a talented musician, can speak Korean, runs a newspaper, and even wears invisible pants made of spider webs spun by pixies. He is twenty eight in magical dog years, but never acts too mature and gives Finn very questionable advice. Even though Jake does not love fighting as much as Finn does, he is a great companion for Finn on their adventures because he has stretchy powers which allow him to transform his body into any shape such as a key hand that can pick locks or become big enough for Finn to ride. Though Jake loves to go on adventures, he makes sure to meet his girlfriend Lady Rainicorn every day so that they can spend time together and play the viola.

Quote: “Sleds are for suckers! Just ride on my gut!”

Princess Bubblegum


A hybrid of bubblegum and human DNA, Princess Bubblegum is the dedicated and benevolent ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She is very smart and has a love of math and science and can speak fluent German. Though she must be responsible in her role as the leader of the Candy Kingdom, she can have a hot temper and also enjoys being silly with Finn, especially when she is transformed back into her thirteen year-old self. Though Finn has a crush on her, she does not return his feelings because she feels that she is too old for him.

Quote: “That’s it! The answer was so simple, I was too smart to see it!”

Ice King (& Gunther the Penguin)


Formerly a human named Simon Petrikov, the Ice King transformed after he started wearing a strange jewelled crown that he purchased in Scandanavia. Among other side-effects, the crown caused him to have strange visions and changed his skin and body making him blue with a large nose. Because the crown caused him to go insane, he lost his fiancée Bettie. Now, the Ice King’s main goal is to get a wife, even if it means he has to kidnap a princess. Though everyone thinks the Ice King is insane, he is actually just lonely and misunderstood. He is nice to and appreciates the company his penguins, which are all named Gunter, but often gets mad at his penguin friends when they eat his socks or break his video game.

Quote: “Okay, I didn’t kill her this time. Everybody saw that, right?”

Lumpy Space Princess


The Lumpy Space Princess or LSP loves to be the centre of attention and acts bratty and childish, especially when she doesn’t get her way. Just like a typical annoying teenager, she is always texting or on the phone and loves drinking diet soda and talks with a think Valley Girl accent. Because she is a lumper, this hilarious princess can infect someone with lumps if she bites them and vomit rainbows. Like many teenagers, LSP often gets in fights with her parents who punish her by taking away her privileges of driving the royal car.

Quote: “I said, “Lump off,” Mom!”

Lady Rainicorn


Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegum’s friend and pet half unicorn, half rainbow. She has special powers which allow her to turn things different colours with her horn and she can fly. She cannot speak English, but she understands it and can speak Korean to her boyfriend Jake and Princess Bubblegum.

Quote: “Of course. Jake and I merge our bodies into one all the time.”

Marceline the Vampire


Marceline is the half-demon Vampire Queen. She is a mischievous daredevil who causes trouble by stealing Finn and Jake’s homes for fun. Marceline expresses her emotions by singing and playing her axe guitar. Because she is a vampire, she cannot see herself in a mirror and is vulnerable to sunlight, but she also has many powers such as necromancy, pyrokenesis, telekenesis, levitation, invisibility, rapid healing, shape-shifting, and eating shades of red.

Quote: “Sometimes I do [drink blood], but it’s not the blood that I like. It’s the colour.”


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