04th Dec2013

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


When you watch social media it’s always interesting to see what people find funny, or what they are a fan of.  One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to comedy on television is that some people see Mrs Brown’s Boys as the worst comedy you could watch, and I can’t help but wonder why? I find the show watchable and often funny, and with Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again the live show continues in the same vein as what we’ve become used to.

Brendan O’Carroll’s Mrs Brown is a character that is easy to like.  The patriarch of a large family her foul mouth rants and sometimes questionable views create a character that is very much like Catherine Tate’s Nan character, or Bread’s Nellie Boswell.  We like the character because we can recognise her as somebody we’ve all known at one time or another.  They’ve built up their views and can be very single-minded but when it comes to her family she’ll never let anybody say a bad word about them.  Yes the character of Mrs Brown may be played by a man but it’s based on real people and that is what is funny.

If you’ve seen the television show you’ll have seen some of the jokes already, especially the bikini wax but this doesn’t spoil the show.  What keeps it going is the ad libs and mistakes that O’Carroll adds, he almost seems to take mischievous pleasure in watching the other actors trying to hold themselves together.  In one scene for example Rory (Rory Cowan) completely loses composure (corpsing) and can’t help but laugh.  O’Carroll berates him with jokes to keep it going while the audience join in the laughter.  It’s funny to see Cowan be the one to constantly break out in laughter, but that is the way the show works.  It often makes me wonder if these moments are set up to add to the humour, but part of me hopes not because it gives a more dynamic feel to the show itself.

In ways I can understand why some comedy fans aren’t particularly impress with the humour created in Mrs Brown’s Boys and is used in Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again, it’s a more old-fashioned type of humour.  It impresses me though that for the most part however out of date it could be argued to be it does not resort to racism or homophobia (though in the past some would argue that it has).  The fact is that the Mrs Brown character has been created to be tolerant, she can be a bully to her family and lays down the law but she loved her family.

I know there is an argument that comedy must evolve and change based on society, but I also have the opinion that comedy also comes in many forms.  Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again is a good DVD based on a good show, and even though some people choose not to like it that does not make it a style of comedy to look down on.  I enjoyed watching this DVD for review and I’m sure most fans will enjoy it, and find it funny.  It’s a harmless sitcom style of humour based around a popular character in the form of Mrs Brown, I’m sure many will find it to be a good stocking filler.

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