29th Nov2013

‘Sean Lock: Purple Van Man’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


The name Sean Lock: Purple Van Man is very fitting.  I saw him do an interview about the release and he said that what he was aiming for was to be the “white van man” of comedy, only where a white van man believes he knows everything, the Purple Van Man doesn’t really know anything, he just goes through life in a gormless way.  Without meaning it in a negative way, that is exactly what I see in Sean Lock’s act.

With Lock’s comedy he tends to create a character that is to all intents and purposes quite mediocre, not very smart but in his own way amusing.  Lock doesn’t create a cerebral story full of drama only to lead up to the punch line, his style is to give surreal observations on things that happen in life.  This makes his comedy easily accessible to the audience as it doesn’t really expect a lot of you but to hopefully find the subject matter funny.

For the most part I do like Sean Lock’s style, in using situations that we can all relate to he manages to get a few laughs, though I can understand that sometimes this may not be what people want from their comedy.  As I’ve said in earlier reviews though we all have different tastes in comedy, and Lock can at times test some people’s acceptance.  There is a moment for example that I took as sarcasm and many would too, but others may get offended, this is the risk of mixing religion and comedy.  I don’t really want to go into what the joke was, that would be spoiling it but there is a risk that offense could be taken.  Comedy has to tests limits at times, and it is an interesting limit that he tests, a case of putting the shoe on the other foot one could say.

For the most part though Sean Lock: Purple Van Man is inoffensive and topical.  The lock character is pompous with a level of single-mindedness which is portrayed in a way that the audience knows he’s talking the biggest load of crap they’ve ever heard, but it’s just the opinion of a strange guy stood on stage.  Whether it’s talking about China taking over the world, being half man and half horse or professing his love of drinking there is inventiveness to Lock’s work, though I will admit that this is a DVD that I probably wouldn’t have a repeat viewing of.  It is a case of what you see is what you get when it comes to the Purple Van Man.

When comparing Sean Lock: Purple Van Man with the other comedy releases I’ve looked at so far I can’t say it’s the best, and it’s not the worst, but just like the White (or Purple) Van Men out there it’s an average release and thinks it is funny that it actually is sometimes.  Fans of Sean Lock know what to expect from his act, and he definitely delivers that.  It’s better than his usual routine you’d see on 8 Out of 10 Cats, and that is a reason to consider buying it, his surreal viewpoint on the world is certainly refreshing at times.

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