27th Nov2013

‘Reginald D. Hunter Live: In The Midst of Crackers’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf


I think it’s easy to say that Reginald D. Hunter didn’t have the best of years in 2013 in the United Kingdom, though he came out on top because of the idiocy of the people who took offence.  Let’s just say that the “Professional Footballers’ Association” really should have been aware of the language used by the comedian before they booked him, to get offended by it…well that was the stupid part.

To focus on the DVD release though it’s nice to see that Reginald D. Hunter Live: In The Midst of Crackers can take all that controversy and turn it into part of the act.  Was Hunter in the wrong because he used the dreaded “N word”? (I term it that way because I don’t really need to say it) the short answers is no, he was not in the wrong.  Reginald D. Hunter chooses to use that word as well as other but it is not used in a way that is derogatory to any race or colour, there are times to be shocked by a word, but this was not it.  I will say though that Hunter was brave to use that incident in the way he did on the DVD but his style of comedy makes it work.  The fact he’s intelligent enough to know he can use it,  and what he means by it, and the fact he is by no means racist? I think it is fair to say the moment is over.

As well as that incident Reginald D. Hunter is a comedian who takes the little things in life and uses them in jokes in a way that we can relate to them, he makes situations that could be serious actually funny, and I know all comedians do that but comedians who are above average can take them and run with them, even create the thought of them and use them later in the set, and that is the mark of a good comedian.  I won’t hide that I like Hunter’s style of comedy and Reginald D. Hunter Live: The Midst of Crackers does show him on top form.

What I also like about Hunter is the fact that although he is American he is very much a British comedian, he’s been in this country long enough to understand sarcasm and irony and as he also points out hypocrisy.  There are times that we as the viewer may not see the intelligent design of his act but the insights he gives are given at a level where he is trusting the audience to think about what he is saying and understand it.  Highlights for me are his joke about a certain Conservative MP who took part in a reality show in the Australian jungle, and his view of what he terms as “f*ck you movies” the setup for that joke is just perfect.

For people who have seen Reginald D. Hunter on shows like Have I Got News For You? and liked his style I’d highly recommend Reginald D. Hunter Live: In The Midst of Crackers.  He is a comedian that shows full understanding of his audience, isn’t afraid to make them a part of his show and knows just how uncomfortable he can make them, but he knows the limits.  Forget what the Professional Footballers’ Association may think, they have no idea…Reginald D. Hunter is a comedian that lets you think about the comedy and never makes you feel uncomfortable with the humour that he throws at you.

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