21st Nov2013

‘WWE Survivor Series 2013’ Preview

by Chris Cummings


We are only a few days away from one of the original “big four” WWE events of the year, an event that debuted in 1988 and has been a staple of annual WWE pay per view ever since, the Survivor Series.

Originally beginning as an event that hosted nothing but a card of eight-man elimination tag-team matches, with heels taking on faces throughout the night, Survivor Series has become a night where titles are on the line and there are a couple of traditional elimination contests kept in the mix to keep the fans of the original concept happy. I am a fan of the original Survivor Series contest and would love to see a full card of elimination matches with feuding superstars getting their hands on their adversaries in tag action and not one-on-one, for one night a year.

This year’s event has announced two traditional elimination matches so far, and someone who loves those kinds of matches, those are the ones, yes, even the divas one, that I’m excited about, as well as the tag team match featuring “The best and the beard”.

The Matches

SS Pre-show Kick Off Match – The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
Okay, so The Miz finally turned heel on RAW this week, leaving the light and going back to the dark side, a place is is much more comfortable residing in. This is a blow-off match from the heel-turn angle, with Miz turning heel by walking out on his tag team partner for the night, Kofi Kingston, on Monday. This should be a by-the-numbers match like we’d see on RAW or Smackdown each week.

Who will win? I predict a win for The Miz.

Intercontinental Championship Match  – Big E Langston (c) vs. Curtis Axel
Axel lost his I-C title on RAW to the big rookie, Langston, and this is Axel’s automatic rematch after losing the belt. I think they could have done something more interesting here, maybe adding a gimmick, like a table, or a street-fight, to make it more of a sell, but it should be an ok mid-card clash. Axel isn’t going to win, pure and simple, unless Langston is injured between now and then.

Who will win? Big E Langston

Traditional Survivor Series Divas Tag Team Elimination Match – Natalya, The Bellas, Naomi, Cameron, Eva Marie & Jojo vs. AJ Lee, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Aksana & Alicia Fox.
There are some true talented ladies in this match (Nattie, AJ, Kaitlyn, Fox, Tamina) and some who are making strides in terms on improvement in the ring (Bellas, Aksana, Summer, Naomi) and then there are the very poor workers who are there to stand and, in WWE’s eyes, look “pretty” (Jojo, Eva, Cameron, Rosa). This could be decent if the good and impoving carry most of the match and keep it from falling into typical “messy-divas-match” mode like can often occur nowadays. This match seems like it is here to hype the Total Divas television show again, a shame for AJ and her title belt, for sure.

Who will win? The Total Divas Team.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match – Cody Rhodes, Goldust, The Uso’s & Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield & The Real Americans.
This is my prediction to be the “match of the night”. Everyone in this match, except for Rey Mysterio, who only returned to WWE action on Monday’s RAW, have proven to be the best thing about television in recent months. This should have plenty of fun spots, nice exchanges and interesting eliminations throughout, and hopefully it is given a good long amount of time.

Who will win? Cody’s team, in some form.

World Heavyweight Championship Match – John Cena (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio
A rematch from last months event where Cena returned to WWE and won the World Title. Cena has been on a super-Cena mission ever since and it wont end here. Cena is going over here, without a shadow of a doubt. I’m not looking forward to this match. The feud is dull, the arm-injury storyline is old and uninteresting and Cena, as champion, is boring and tired. It’s all just so tedious.

Who will win? John Cena

Tag Team Grudge Match – CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (Harper & Rowan)
This should be good. It’s been an interesting storyline so far, with The Wyatt Family attacking Punk and Bryan and proclaiming that “the devil made” them “do it”. Of course, Bryan should be WWE Champion currently, but hopefully time will heal those wounds and he will get another chance at being the champion in the future. This should be a good solid match. I imagine Harper will do most of the work for his team, being the most experiences of the two. I wonder if we will see a reveal of who this “devil” is?

Who will win? Punk & Bryan

WWE Championship Match – Randy Orton (c) vs. Big Show
The man they chose to face the heel “face of WWE” and The Authority in 2013’s biggest storyline? It was Bryan, and now… it’s the overpushed giant of WWE, The Big Show. Since 1999, Paul Wight has been shoved down our throats and taken spots that are better served to younger and more talented workers. Why didn’t Dolph Ziggler get this opportunity? Why not Bryan still? Why not Punk? Sandow? Cesaro? I just don’t see how Big Show being here helps anyone except for Big Show. The fans are already getting bored and I can’t see this match being very good at all. When young and super-talented guys aren’t even on the show, and a slow giant with bad-knees is being booked as the biggest threat to the WWE title, it’s all just a shame.

Who will win? Randy Orton


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