11th Nov2013

First Look: Chronos Commandos #5 – The final chapter!

by Phil Wheat

This coming Wednesday (13th November) sees the release of the final chapter in the Titan Comics series Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol from writer/artist Stuart Jennet. Check out the preview below:

It’s the slam-bang conclusion of the first Chronos Commandos miniseries, as the Sarge and his Nazi nemesis, Richter, beat the crap outta each other for the stolen Chronosphere core – and only one of them is making it home!

Plus, there’s still the safety of Time, Space and the Universe to worry about, as two Einsteins grapple to fix an overheating time reactor – and the laws of Causality – before reality itself collapses! Will the Sarge make it back alive? When the dust clears, will any Commandos remain? And which last-minute twists will rock your world forever?!

Don’t miss the stunning conclusion, as the first season of Chronos Commandos goes out with an epic bang!






Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol #5
Writer/Artist: Stuart Jennet
Titan Comics, $3.99
Released: 11/13/2013


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