09th Nov2013

First Look: Inhumanity #1

by Phil Wheat

This December the Marvel Universe plunges headlong into Inhumanity – and today here’s your first look at Inhumanity #1, from the star studded creative team of Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel.

The cataclysmic events of INFINITY have left the Inhuman city of Attilan in ruins. It’s king – the mighty Black Bolt is missing and believed dead. Attilan’s destruction has unleashed the Terrigen Mists upon the planet Earth. Thousands of new Inhumans are emerging from every corner of the Marvel Universe, mutated by the vapors themselves. Possessing new and terrible powers, they emerge from their cocoons to a world changed. Who are these new Inhumans? And will they use their new powers to save the Marvel Universe? Or destroy it?

With their home destroyed and their way of life threatened – what will become of the Inhuman Royal Family? Sins and secrets of the Royal Family leads the Inhuman Karnak on a deadly collision course – with the Avengers! As Karnak begins to unearth the troubling secrets Black Bolt & Maximus have kept, he’ll discover the devastating truth behind the Inhumans storied lineage. One that will shake the entire Marvel Universe to its very core! And not everyone will come out of INHUMANITY alive!






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