05th Nov2013

‘WWE RAW’ Results & Review (4.11.13)

by Chris Cummings


Welcome to this week’s results and review of Monday Night RAW.

The show begins with Living Colour’s “Cult of Personality” hitting and CM Punk making his way down the aisle to a tremendous pop from the fans. We see a short clip of last week’s RAW when Punk and Daniel Bryan were separately attacked by The Wyatt Family. The Wyatt’s make their entrance and Punk’s opponent tonight is Luke Harper, who is accompanied by Bray and Rowan. Harper uses his brawling to keep Punk down, while Punk attempts to get technical, only to be beaten down by the unorthodox offence of Harper. The fans chant “CM Punk” as Harper continued the beat-down on the “straight-edge saviour”. Punk regains control with a dive from the ring to the outside onto Harper. Punk finds himself on the ground again, being choked by the boot of Luke Harper, while Erik Rowan stalks from ringside. Punk fights back with a kick and a tornado DDT, allowing himself time to recuperate. The two trade blows before Punk scores with a side heel kick and a swinging neck breaker, followed by his signature high-knee and bulldog. Punk then dives onto Rowan on the outside. Punk springboard’s back into the ring but eats a Luke Harper boot to the face. Harper goes for the big lariat clothesline but Punk rolls him up and scores the pin-fall for the victory. The second the ring-bell rings Rowan enters the ring and attacks Punk, along with Harper. The fans chant “yes” as Bray enters the ring. Daniel Bryan hits the ring with a chair to save Punk and the two of them ward off The Wyatt Family to a massive pop from the WWE fans. A nice beginning to the show, this week.

We are shown a clip of Triple H talking about Big Show’s lawsuit against WWE. Triple H says that Big Show is banned from WWE for life.

Renee Young interviews CM Punk backstage, Punk talks about being used to being “out-gunned” but says that he isn’t the only one who has an “issue” with The Wyatt’s.

Paul Heyman is now being interviewed by Michael Cole on the telephone. Heyman says he is in Europe seeing specialists for his injuries suffered at the hands of CM Punk at Hell in a Cell. Heyman lists his injuries and says he is an innocent father of two who was viscously attacked within an inch of his life. Heyman sounds like he’s crying, as he demands an apology from Punk and WWE. Cole asks Heyman if he’s crying, and the phone goes dead.

Ryback makes his way out next to a mediocre heel reaction from the WWE Universe. We see a clip of Ryback bullying Hornswoggle from earlier in the day which was used to set up this match, which should be pretty damn terrible. Ryback’s opponent is The Great Khali, who has Santino and Hornswoggle in his corner. The two men trade blows, with Khali using open hand chops on Ryback for a while. Ryback runs around a little, trying to sell for Khali. Ryback takes Khali down with a clothesline and pins him, getting the win in a “nothing” match. At least it didn’t last long. Ryback attacks Santino after the match.

Kofi Kingston is out next for a match with the former World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, next. Kofi is a top class worker who gets little reaction nowadays because creative don’t give him enough to do, and he’s been used as a jobber for a long time now. They need to start rehabilitating these guys that they’ve misused for so long, Kofi included. Kofi hits a nice dive in the opening moments, with the two going back and forth with some nice sequences. Del Rio hits a big kick on Kofi for a two-count. This aggressive Del Rio character is beginning to look more on-point and I think, in the mid-card, he could have some great matches with some top workers. Del   Rio mocks Kingston before hitting him with a high kick and a takedown, for another near-fall. Kofi fights back with some high spots, including a top rope cross-body-block for another near-fall. Del Rio locks in the arm-breaker on Kingston for the inevitable tap-out, giving Del Rio a victory. A good match here.

We see another video package about Big Show and the “lawsuit” he has filed against WWE. Big Show is getting a monumental push again and I can’t help but feel like it should have gone to a younger talent who could have been “made” by such a storyline, like Ziggler.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler pimp out the WWE App. Did you know that the WWE App is technologically advanced and offers fans an interactive experience like…zzzzzzzzzz.

Randy Orton, the WWE Champion, is out next for a match against one of three individuals, chosen by WWE fans on that famous WWE App they keep talking about. The choices were The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. Before Jerry Lawler announces who Orton’s opponent is, the WWE Champion talks about how it doesn’t matter who his opponent is. Orton admonishes the fans, saying that the women in the audience are all fantasizing about what it would be like to wake up next to Randy Orton. Orton says that all the men and women in the crowd are failures and are disgusting. Orton then asks to hear who his “next victim” is. Lawler announced the chosen opponent as Big E Langston. Langston makes his way to the ring for the biggest match of career so far, in many ways. Langston’s baby-face push could be the making of him because his power displays provoke a good response and he has the bare essentials to make it as a big star in the future of WWE. The match is back and forth with Langston getting a good amount of offence in on the Champion here. The two brawl in and out of the ring, trade holds and sell for one another throughout, which is good to see. Orton misses an RKO and eats a Langston tackle, but Orton manages to reverse Langston’s finisher himself and hits the big “rookie” with the RKO for the three-count. Orton wins, but it was a solid showing for Big E, who is in line, no doubt, for a main event push one day.

More Big Show video footage. Come on now.

Fandango and Summer Rae dance their way to the squared circle next, for a mixed tag team match. Their opponents tonight, and a nice surprise, are Tyson Kidd and Natalya. This is Kidd’s return match on RAW and it is great to see him back after such a serious injury. They show clips of the Kidd/Nattie wedding from the “Total Divas” show. Tyson is sporting some new attire tonight, and looks to be in great shape, a true workhorse and exceptional worker, I hope we see Kidd get a push in this return run. Summer and Natalya have a good chemistry, and Summer is great as a cocky valet snob, and is getting better in the ring too. Tyson hits a springboard dropkick and a body-frankensteiner on Fandango, showing that any ring-rust he might have had has long been worked off in training. Kidd locks on the sharpshooter on Fandango for the submission victory. A successful return for Tyson Kidd and a great night for Tyson and Nattie, who have finally reunited on screen. Short match but hopefully will lead to much more for the talented duo.

Renee Young interviews Damien Sandow backstage and they show a clip of Sandow cashing in his Money in the Bank contract last week on John Cena and losing the match. Sandow says that the sound of the referee’s three-count plays over in his head, again and again. He says that he was stripped of everything and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Zeb Coulter interrupts and says how Sandow and The Real Americans will team together to face The Rhodes Family and John Cena later tonight, and they will dominate.

We return from a commercial break and John Cena’s music hits, and the World Champion makes his way to the ring, clad in pink. The fans cheer and boo, like usual. Cena smiles, as usual. Cena talks on the microphone about the Susan G Komen Foundation and its importance. Cena talks about cancer and puts the initiative over. It’s a great thing for the WWE to do, and this is one time when Cena deserves credit. Cody-dust make their way to the ring next, to team with Cena, with their Tag Team Titles around their waists. Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger are the opponents of Cena and Cody-dust tonight. The match begins with Cena and Sandow, and quickly the other participants get a chance to get in the ring. Goldust hits a lovely dropkick and looks great again. It’s shocking to see how motivated Dustin has been since he returned to WWE, it’s nice to see. Zeb Coulter and ADR are on commentary and argue with Cole throughout the match. This is something I don’t like, it takes away from the in-ring product and is unnecessary. Cesaro and Cena wrestle a little, and Cesaro looks like a star again. I can’t help but feel frustrated that Cesaro isn’t in a higher position on the card. He should be. The match goes back and forth, with the heels and faces each taking control at various times. I have to say, there have been a lot of six-man tag matches on television lately, and it seems that each week we get one. I’m not complaining though, they’re often the best matches on the show, it’s just that there seems to have been a big resurgence in tag team contests lately, which is brilliant. The end sequences are really entertaining. The final five minutes of the match are all-action that ends with Goldust hitting “the final cut” on Cesaro for the three-count. Cena and Cody-dust win the match, a very good match too which the fans were very into, especially in the final stretch.

Another Big Show video package airs. Oh boy.

We see Big Show is in the arena, walking around high-fiving talent. Vickie Guerrero tells Triple H that Big Show is in the arena and Stephanie says that she let Big Show in the building because the “board has demanded it”. Triple H is angry, but Stephanie tells him that the lawsuit is too risky. Steph then says to her husband, “you’ve never had a problem taking McMahon family money before”. Dissention in the ranks or a ruse? Triple H tells Vickie to send Big Show to his office immediately.

We head back to ringside, and Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring. It’s a shame how little reaction Ziggler is getting from fans now, because of the stop and start push he received. His opponent tonight is the Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel, who is Heyman-less tonight. The match is okay, but a little bland because of Axel and the lack of audience reaction. The rest-hold heavy match ends when Ziggler hits the “zig-zag” for the victory.

Renee Young asks Daniel Bryan to comment on The Wyatt Family’s attack on him from last week. Bryan says that he isn’t alone with having an issue with The Wyatt’s. This is obviously all going towards a match with Punk and Bryan (and possibly a third person) taking on The Wyatt’s at Survivor Series.

Vickie Guerrero tells Triple H and Stephanie that Big Show wants to meet them in the ring.

The Uso’s are out next to a nice reaction for a match against Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater of 3MB. The match doesn’t last long at all, it’s a quick television match that ends with The Uso’s getting the victory after a top rope splash.

Renee Young is backstage and talks with Los Matadores. We see a highlight video for the bizarre matador team who are accompanied by their “horny” bull mascot, El Torito.

The Bella twins and Eva Marie come out for a six-diva tag match, probably here to hype the upcoming return of Total Divas on E. Tamina, AJ Lee and Aksana are their opponents tonight. The match is okay, but never reaches the second gear. It’s slow, but not too sloppy. Eva Marie scores the pin after Tamina misses a Superfly splash. It wasn’t bad but didn’t really offer much content.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring, hand in hand. Triple H tells Big Show to come out and stop making it all about him as usual. Took the words out of my mouth Mr H. Big Show comes out to a medium-pop, nothing like what he got a couple of weeks ago. I think the over-promotion is boring even Big Show fans now. The giant has his usual kindly grin on his face as he enters the ring. Stephanie asks what he wants, as each side has agreed to settle. Triple H asks how much money it will take for Big Show’s dignity this time. Big Show says that this is about being in WWE, not about money. Show says he loved working in WWE and wants his job back. Triple H mocks Show, but Stephanie cuts her husband off as he is about to tell Big Show that he can’t have his job back. Stephanie gives Show his job back. Big Show celebrates with Daniel Bryan’s “yes” chants. When did that become a Big Show thing? Show says there’s one more thing he wants, a bonus. Triple H looks angry. Big Show says he wants to be the “face of WWE”. Stephanie insults Big Show. The Shield make their way to the ring and Big Show asks what’s going on. Show asks for a WWE Title match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Triple H tells Show to get out of his ring. Big Show leaves and says his attorneys will be in touch tomorrow and he will “own” them. Triple H tells Show to “wait” and gives him his title match as Survivor Series. Big Show makes Triple H to repeat himself a few times. Fans aren’t cheering Big Show much here because he’s coming across arrogant and self obsessed. Not good. Triple H makes an impromptu match with Big Show against The Shield and Randy Orton. Show smiles, also not good. Orton comes out in his ring gear and Big Show takes off his suit jacket. Big Show manages to fight off his FOUR opponents for a while but ends up being beaten down by them. Show fights back again, but just as he is about to strike Orton, Kane’s music plays and Kane comes out, unmasked and wearing a suit and a tie. The Shield attack Big Show and Orton nails the giant with an RKO. Kane tosses a steel chair to The Shield and Orton, and they attack Big Show with them. The referee calls for the bell, and the four men continue to beat on Big Show with chairs. Roman Reigns hits Show with the steel steps and The Shield powerbomb Big Show through the announce table. The corporation of Triple H, Stephanie, Randy Orton, Kane and The Shield stand over the beaten body of Big Show and say “welcome back, you should have stayed gone”, as we go off the air.

RAW: Best of the Night (In-ring): Goldust, Cesaro, Cody

RAW: Best of the Night (On-mic): Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

RAW: Dud of the Night: Big Show Video Packages

RAW: Surprise Moment: Kane coming out in a suit, unmasked, as a heel

RAW: Honourable Mentions: Punk, Harper, Kofi, Orton


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