03rd Nov2013

‘WWE NXT’ Results & Review (31.10.13)

by Chris Cummings


Welcome, one and all, to this weeks’ results and review write up on NXT, WWE’s developmental system, on show for the World to see.

We begin the show with the entertaining duo of Enzo and Cassady cutting a promo on their way to the ring. They talk about “The Legionnaires” group. Fun promo that ends with the “sawft” line. Renee Young is on commentary again tonight, which is great, because she’s very, very good. Their opponents tonight are Rusev and Sylvester Lefort who makes his in-ring debut for NXT tonight. He looks the part and he’s strong on the stick, but what will he be like between the ropes? Big Cass and Rusev begin, and Rusev is in control with impactful offence, for which the big guy is becoming known for. Enzo gets knocked down by Rusev, and then all of a sudden he attacks Lefort, destroying all three men, his “friend” included. William Regal and Renee Young put him over as a monster on commentary. The blonde girl from last week comes out to the stage area and leaves with Rusev. The announcers wonder who the woman is. Short match that is purely here to build up Rusev as a monster.

Next up is Aiden English who sings his way to the ring as a spotlight guides his movement. The fans applaud politely and yell “bravo”. His opponent is Jason Jordan, or as I know him, “Big Jobber J”. English throws Jordan around the ring and sings a lullaby while he has him in a sleeper hold. Jordan attempts to fight back with a dropkick but English ends it with the “directors cut”, for the three-count and the bravo-inducing victory. The fans chant for an “encore”, and English obliges, singing under spotlight about how good he is. Fans throw roses at English after he finishes singing. How kind.

We see a clip of Corey Graves’ heel turn from last week where he attacked his former tag partner Adrian Neville after their match. Neville then talks backstage about Graves, calling himself the “Jumping Geordie” and saying that this is just the beginning.

I want to add how much I enjoy William Regal and Renee Young together on commentary, they have a nice rapport and add a much needed energy and knowledge to the content of the announcing. I’d much prefer these two on RAW than the three-man bore-fest that is Cole, JBL and Lawler.

Summer Rae is out next, accompanied by her friend Sasha Banks, for a singles match. Her opponent is Paige, who comes out alone, except for that glittering title belt around her waist. The match begins with a loud “lets go Paige” chant from the NXT fan base. Paige is in control for a good portion of the match, using kicks, head butts and takedowns on her blonde opponent. The referee kicks Sasha Banks from ringside for interference, leaving the match a fair and square one on one. The “raven haired lady” gets taken out with a leg sweep on the apron from Summer Rae. Summer uses some unusual and interesting submission holds on Paige, before stomping her and attempting a pin unsuccessfully. Paige catches Summer in mid-air and hits a suplex for a two count. Paige then hits a sequence of strong clotheslines for another near-fall. Paige hits the “Paige Turner” out of the blue for the three-count and the win. After the match, Sasha Banks attacks Paige but Emma runs in for the save. Emma accidentally hits Paige with a clothesline at the end of the segment. Emma and Paige have a stare-off to tease their obviously-upcoming match together.

Tyler Breeze makes his way to the ring next, pouting and taking selfies on his cell phone, while carrying the severed dreadlocks that he cut from the head of CJ Parker last week. Parker comes out next to a few boo’s from the fans. Breeze is popular in the NXT arena. The fans boo the offence of Parker and cheer the offence of Breeze, amusing themselves with chants like “Breeze is gorgeous”. Parker hits some nice vertical and side suplexes on Breeze. Tyler knocks Parker of the ropes and hits a series of knee-drops on the “moonchild” before standing on his opponents’ face. Breeze goes to the top rope but gets caught and thrown off by Parker. Parker hits a couple of clotheslines and a heel kick for a near-fall. Parker hits the “Third Eye” finisher, which is some sort of open-palm strike to the face, for the three-count victory. Parker grabs some scissors after the bell, as fans chant “no”, and attempt to cut off Tyler Breeze’s precious blonde locks, but he runs for his life, as the show goes off the air.

Show MVP: Tyler Breeze

Show Dud: None

Best Match: Breeze/Parker

Honourable Mentions: CJ Parker, Paige, Summer Rae.


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