03rd Nov2013

‘The Walking Dead 4×04: Indifference’ Review [Spoiler Free]

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Chandler Riggs, David Morrissey, Danai Gurira, Steven Yeun | Written by Matthew Negrete | Directed by Tricia Brock


The following review will contain some spoilers from last week’s episode.

Last week was one of those episodes that answered and opened a load of questions and ended with a big old cliff-hanger, the likes of which we’ve seen, and loved, in previous seasons of “The Walking Dead”. The cliff-hanger in question being the one in which Carol, after being asked by Rick, admitted to having killed the infected survivors that were found previously by Tyreese. Carol, in recent episodes, admittedly said she would protect the camp “no matter what”, obviously the danger of these infected members of the group were too big a danger for Carol to allow at that time.

The way in which last weeks episode ended brings us many questions. Will Rick tell Tyreese, or anyone else for that matter, about Carol’s actions? Will Carol admit to it herself? If Tyreese does find out, how will he react? How will other members of the group react? These, along with plenty of other questions, are all high-up in the air as we begin episode four of this fourth season of our favourite zombie show.

We also were left with a sense of dread, last week, when the small group, including Daryl and Michonne, while out on a mission to find medication, found themselves encountering a large horde of flesh-rotted, brain-hungry z-words. Another edge of seat moment that sets up this episode. Will they ever find the place they’re looking for and retrieve the medication that can cure the infections that are spreading like wild-fire in the prison? Let’s see, shall we?

This week’s episode took a step away from the action to deal with the choices that the characters need to make. Carol and Rick travel together to gather food and supplies and deal with the question over what Carol has done. Its one of those occasions where the sides of the coin are both easy to understand, and we get answers that leave us anticipating the next move for the two of them.

Daryl and company reach their destination and have to find a way to get to the supplies without encountering the clusters of diseased walkers that await them. This section of the episode also deals with Tyreese and his inner conflict regarding what has happened to him recently. Michonne asks herself questions about dealing with what happened to her at the hands of The Governor. Daryl and Bob also encounter a confrontation involving Bob’s choices he makes during the episode.

The prison isn’t really featured in this episode, except for the opening moments when Rick and Carol are preparing the car to leave for supplies, which makes for a nice change of scenery and a much needed respite from the prison walls that we’ve seen heavily featured for a while now. The episode itself, while still splattering blood on occasion, is much more about the consequences of actions from certain characters, and is dialogue heavy with some really great scenes, especially between Rick and Carol.

The end of the episode leaves us with yet more questions about where this season is heading, offering big changes to the dynamics that will offer very intriguing scenes in the upcoming weeks. Another fantastic episode then, and possibly the best of the season yet. We’re only four episodes in to this series and in my view, it already surpasses season 3 in terms of story and quality of individual episodes.

Until next week.


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