20th Oct2013

‘WWE NXT’ Results & Review (17.10.13)

by Chris Cummings


Welcome, one and all, to this week’s results and review write-up of the latest episode of WWE NXT.

The hype has been making the rounds regarding tonights NXT main event, as Sami Zayn takes on the NXT Champion, Bo Dallas, for the championship. Should be a good show, so let’s get started, shall we?

The program opens with the NXT Tag Team Champions, The Ascension, making their way to the ring to their “very 1990’s” and strobe-light-heavy entrance. Their opponents for tonight are Newcastle-boy Adrian Neville and Corey Graves. Renee Young is joining William Regal and Tony Dawson on commentary. The match is what one would expect if one is used to watching The Ascension. Neville’s offence is the highlight here, which isn’t surprising in the slightest, the former “PAC” is interminably enjoyable in the ring and is just delightful to watch. The Ascension look sloppy some of the time, and the rest of the time they are slow and bumbling, it’s a shame that another team hasn’t been allowed the chance that these two, very-limited, men have been given. Graves looks good, but works much better in the heel role in my view. Victor dropkicks Neville into Graves at one point, and The Ascension hit their double-team finisher for the win. After the match, Corey Graves gets in the ring, looking frustrated and angry, and turns heel on Neville, attacking him and leaving him lying. My comment about Graves being a better heel is obviously an opinion shared by others too. This should hopefully result in a nice feud between the two.

Tyler Breeze is in the ring next, and his opponent for tonight is “The Moonchild” CJ Parker, or “Carlito in a Blackpool wig” as I like to call him. The fans chant “Breeze is gorgeous”. The fans boo Parker’s offence. I think they are trying to “ironically” like Breeze. Tyler protects his face throughout the match, which is an okay one, but nothing too special. We get more pro-Breeze chants with “Breeze is awesome” and “not the face”. Breeze hit a spinning heel kick on Parker for the victory that was well-received by the NXT Universe.

The NXT Divas are up next. Summer Rae and Sasha Banks make their way out to face their opponents, the NXT Women’s Champion, Paige, and Emma. Paige begins the match by beating Summer Rae up a bit. Emma and Sasha then get in the ring and there are some nice spots with these two. Emma is excellent in there and is possibly the most popular development Diva right now. Emma throws out some dance moves but ends up on the mat, and being choked by Summer on the ring ropes. There are a few messy parts here, specifically with the less-experiences Summer Rae, but it’s still not too bad and she is improving as time goes by. Paige tags back in and hits a flying side-kick on Summer for a two-count. She then hits a fisherman suplex for another close-call. Summer reverses a Paige move into a leg drop across the throat from a standing position, getting the victory for her team. A decent Divas match here.

The NXT Championship will be defended now, with Bo Dallas putting his title on the line against Sami Zayn. Zayn gets the pop of the night during his entrance, followed by chants of “Sami”. Bo, as usual, gets booed out of the building. We hear loud chants of “ole, ole, ole, ole” from the fans, aimed at the former El Generico. “No more Bo” chants fill the building also. There are some top-notch technical aspects of this match, with the two using lots of mat based holds and moves to attempt to get the better of one another. The fans are into the match more than any other tonight, for obvious reasons. Zayn is the most over development talent they have now, and I hope they capitalise on it in some way. Zayn pins Dallas at one point but Dallas had his foot on the rope. JBL, “the most selfish veteran in NXT history”, restarts the match to make sure it has a “clean finish”. It appears someone who is writing for WWE at the moment is a big fan of dodgy finishes to matches. Zayn hits a nice cross body for a two-count. Dallas hits a springboard bulldog on Zayn for another near-fall. Fans get louder with pro-Zayn chanting. Very good atmosphere for this match. The false-endings and near-falls are exciting and make for one of the more entertaining television matches in the last couple of months. Dallas hits a spear for another two-count. “This is awesome” chants fill the air as the match continues, with Zayn hitting a sunset flip into a powerbomb for another two and a half count. We see a lovely German suplex spot, with Zayn hitting two and attempting a third, ala Chris Benoit. Dallas rolls up Zayn after reversing a suplex and wins the match. This was a top class performance from both Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas and is one of my favourite NXT matches of the year. The fans really cared about this, two guys getting in there and wrestling a pure match. Good stuff.

A mediocre under-card, leading to a brilliant main event. This was more than worth watching, just for the wonderful performances of the main eventers.

Show MVP: Sami Zayn/Bo Dallas

Show Dud: Summer Rae

Best Match: Zayn vs. Dallas

Best Crowd Chant: “Breeze is Gorgeous”

Honourable Mention: Adrian Neville


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