29th Sep2013

‘WWE Smackdown’ Results & Review (27.09.13)

by Chris Cummings


Triple H makes his way to the Smackdown ring in his suit. He talks about how WWE Superstars are unable to accept their own failures and always seem to blame management. He says that it is a burden that he and his wife accept everyday and just continue to do what is “best for business”. The Miz interrupts Triple H now, and he is attempting to show “anger” on his face, but comes across as the usual smug Miz we’ve seen for years. Triple H calls The Miz a failure and says he is always blaming someone else for his inadequacies. They show a clip of Orton attacking Miz in front of The Miz’s parents a couple of weeks ago. Triple H says he gave him an opportunity and he choked. They show another clip, this time with Big Show knocking him out last week. The Miz says he was set up and calls Stephanie a “castrating witch” again. Triple H says it’s all water under the bridge, and puts Miz in a match later in the night against Randy Orton. A chance at revenge. The Miz agrees to the match.

The first match of the night is the World Champion Alberto Del Rio against R Truth. It’s a match we’ve seen plenty of times before and probably will again, and it’s listless and merely there to help give Del Rio a quick television victory against a babyface that the fans don’t really care about anymore. Del Rio gets a fast win after nailing Truth with a side kick to the face. Del   Rio locks on the armbreaker after the bell, and Van Dam makes the save. Van Dam dropkicks a steel chair into Del   Rio’s face, continuing the feud between the two.

Vickie Guerrero is standing with Triple H backstage, and they decide to make the RVD versus Del Rio match at Battleground a “hardcore” match.

The Real Americans are in the ring for a match with The Prime Time Players next. The match is a back and forth one that allows the participants to show their signature stuff. Cesaro does the new “giant swing” spot which always gets a strong reaction from the fans. Young hits a great northern lights suplex for a near fall. Swagger locks in the ankle lock on Young for the submission win for his team. A decent television match.

Bray Wyatt, accompanied by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, is in the ring for a match with “The Woo Woo Warrior” Zack Ryder. Ryder gets attacked by Rowan and Harper before the bell rings, and Wyatt is in control for most of the match. Ryder attempts to fight back but is stopped in his tracks and floored with the “Sister Abigail” drop for the Wyatt victory. More strong booking for The Wyatt Family. I hope they take it somewhere new soon before the fans stop reacting to the whole thing, because it’s a fantastic gimmick and all three men involved are talented cats.

The Shield are out next, with Dean Ambrose taking on Dolph Ziggler in a one-on-one match. Kofi Kingston and RVD are with Ziggler to “have his back”. It seems that Ziggler has only wrestled The Shield in the last month or two, but I guess its okay, at least they have a strong chemistry in the ring. A good match quickly turns into a six man brawl with the referee throwing out the match after The Shield, RVD and Kofi get involved. Triple H comes out and, not surprisingly, makes the match a six man tag team match. RVD hits rolling thunder on Rollins. Ziggler tags in and has a great moment of energetic signature moves, before being dropped in a spinebuster from Ambrose. Kingston makes the hot tag and hits a vibrant flurry of offence to a great crowd reaction. He nails Ambrose with the “boom drop” but missed “trouble in paradise” before getting a near fall with a cross body. Reigns hits his spear on Ziggler. RVD hits a moonsault to the outside. Finally, Rollins hits the curb stomp on Kofi, allowing Ambrose to pick up the win. A fantastic, fast paces and energetic six man match with six excellent wrestlers all working their arses off. Nice.

Renee Young is talking to Big Show backstage. Big Show weeps again, talking about trying to do all he can for his family. Triple H interrupts and says he can help find Big Show a new job as a doorman or paperboy. Big Show gets angry and stares down Triple H, who lays out a warning to Show and mocks him, while Big Show waves his big fist in his face. Big Show screams while Trips just smiles. Evil boss! EVIL!

Naomi and Cameron come out for a match. AJ Lee is accompanied by Tamina Snuka as she makes her way to the ring, skipping and smiling, with her Divas Title around her waist. Cameron is wrestling AJ tonight. AJ controls most of the match, with Cameron hitting a couple of clotheslines and a sloppy dropkick in the middle of the match. Cameron hits a crap looking cross body, AJ kicks out and regains control. AJ screams “you’re useless” at Cameron. She’s not far off. Tamina clotheslines Naomi on the outside. AJ hits the shining wizard kick, for the three-count. AJ wins.

Paul Heyman comes to the stage, microphone in hand, and talks about how he pinned CM Punk. He says that CM Punk will always lose when he comes up against him. He talks about how Punk got beaten senseless in his hometown of Chicago on RAW. We see a replay from RAW of Punk brawling with Axel and Ryback, leading to Ryback slamming Punk through a table. Heyman thanks Ryback. He says that Punk and Ryback will fight at Battleground and that Punk will lose. Heyman is just flawless on the microphone, and tonight is no exception.

Santino versus Heath Slater is next, and it is just what you’d expect. Santino has The Great Khali and Hornswoggle at ringside with him to even the field. It’s a comedy match that, “shock”, isn’t funny. Khali pulls out a flute and charms “the cobra” which Santino then smacks 3MB with as the fans boo loudly. Terrible moment in wrestling. Santino hits Slater with the cobra for the win. Worst match of the year.

Another promo video for Los Matadores, who will debut on RAW on Monday.

They hype the Rhodes Family issue, which will be continued, also, on RAW on Monday night. Should be interesting.

The main event is next, with the WWE Champion, Randy Orton taking on The Miz, one on one. The Miz and Orton share control, with each allowed to look strong. Perhaps we will see the former WWE Champion, The Miz, get a new push, which might work if they continue to feature him in main events like this, and eventually turn him heel again. Orton beats on The Miz to the point where they call of the match and Orton is disqualified. Officials check on The Miz, who sells like he is injured. Triple H comes out and restarts the match. Orton assaults Miz, throwing him around the ringside area, hitting him with a stalling DDT and two RKO’s before pinning him easily. Randy Orton wins as Michael Cole is disgusted on commentary. We go off the air with Randy raising his arms in victory.

An okay show, with some good parts and some terrible parts mixed in.

SD: Best of the Night: RVD

SD: Dud of the Night: Everyone involved in the Santino vs. Slater match

SD: Best Match: RVD/Ziggler/Kofi vs. The Shield


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