29th Sep2013

‘WWE NXT’ Results and Review (26.09.13)

by Chris Cummings


NXT begins with the RAW General Manager, Brad Maddox, talking with CJ Parker and Tyler Breeze, he pairs them up to team together later in the night.

We head to the ring for a tag-team turmoil match to determine the number one contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championships. Enzo and Colin Cassidy make their way to the ring, Enzo is a riot on the microphone and the “S.A.W.F.T…SAWFT” line is over. Very over. The first team out to face “Big Caz” and Enzo are Breeze and Parker, the hippy and the selfie. We get a “Breeze is Gorgeous” chant. Parker and Enzo have a nice few moments before Cassidy tags in and nails Parker for the three-count. The next team out are Rusev and Dawson, along with their manager and friend, Sylvester LaFort. The team is now named “The Fighting Legionnaires” Some solid power stuff from Cassidy and Rusev. Dawson beats up Enzo for a while. The fans chant for Enzo, who I would love to see brought up to the main roster soon, he’s so much fun on the stick. Enzo scores a quick roll-up win over Rusev and Dawson. O’Brian and Victor, The Ascension, are out now to take on the tired Enzo and Cassidy. The Ascension cause the crowd to get quiet, and in the ring they are very bland and uninteresting. It’s like they’re trying to recreate The Acolytes or The Brood without the entertaining parts. The Ascension win the match after hitting a version of “Total Elimination”. The fans don’t react, and it’s a shame that they’ve chosen the least ‘over’ team in NXT to push to the tag titles. Again. Ok turmoil match with a dull outcome.

Bayley makes her way to the NXT ring to a nice chant from the fans. Her opponent tonight is Sasha Banks, who is accompanied by Summer Rae. Sasha is sporting her new “bad attitude” and a swagger that works for her and could see her come into her own as a character on television. Renee Young is on commentary and sounds like she’s doing a decent job, she has a natural confidence and is likeable, which is a solid start. Sasha attacks Bayley early on, dropping her face first from the top rope at one point. Regal flirts with Renee a little, which is always good. Sasha hits Bayley with a nice snap suplex but Bayley fights back, nailing Sasha with axe handle blows and a belly-to-belly hugplex. Sasha clutches Bayley’s arms and spins her into a neckbreaker style move for the victory in a solid women’s match between two very talented female grapplers. Nice.

Aiden English, singing like he’s been kicked out of the royal theatre company, is out next for a match with Bull Dempsey, who doesn’t ever get announced. English garners a “bravo” chant from the NXT fans. English finished off Dempsey with the “take-a-bow” slam for the squash match victory, a lot like last week.

We return from commercial break to see El Local making his way to the ring. El Local, of course, is played by Ricardo Rodriguez. Sami Zayn is his opponent and he gets the pop of the night by a wide margin. A loud “ole, ole, ole, ole” chant begins the match, which starts off with arm lock interchanges between the two wrestlers, followed by a great frankensteiner. El Local hits a clothesline into a backbreaker which looked good and a vertical suplex. Zayn hits a massive boot to El Local’s face, before pinning him for the match win. A decent match that shows that both of these men are very talented in the ring, and that WWE should allow Rodriguez to wrestle and give Zayn a promotion. Bo Dallas, showered in boos, comes out to congratulate Zayn, and says he is Zayn’s mentor. He then announces that he is healed and ready to put the NXT Title on the line. He says he will have the “Bo Dallas Invitational” next week. Sami cuts Bo off and says he will be the first one to sign up for the invitational. Bo then says that anyone except for Zayn can fight in the invitational. Sami is mad, and the fans continue to chant “shut up” and boo Bo.

Brad Maddox is backstage with Kassius Ohno, who looks to be in fantastic shape. Ohno questions why he hasn’t been allowed on NXT TV. Maddox calls Ohno a D+ player. Maddox gives Ohno a match next week, against a member of The Wyatt Family. I hope they give Kassius a push now he’s back, he’s proven to be determined and is a great worker who would work very well on RAW or Smackdown in matches with most.

We head back to the ring area and Triple H is making his way down the isle, slapping the hands of fans. Bad heel, no! No! Sit in the corner! Triple H puts over the NXT talent and fans, naming the likes of Leo Kruger, Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and Bo Dallas. A loud “NXT” chant from fans. Triple H talks about The Rhodes Family and says that he has had problems with them recently. He calls Dusty a legend but says he is doing what is “best for business” and gives Dusty “time off” from NXT as general manager. Triple H then introduces the new NXT general manager, John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL is all smiles and he talks about how great the performance centre is. He proclaims this the “era of the wrestling god” before leaving the ring to his music. The show goes off the air, another solid show from NXT I might add.

Show MVP: Sami Zayn

Show Dud: The Ascension

Best Promo: Triple H

Best Crowd Chant: “Breeze is Gorgeous” (Aimed at Tyler Breeze)


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