27th Sep2013

Horror Channel’s Horror Bites – October Edition

by Phil Wheat

Welcome horror fans to the UK debut of the October edition of Horror Bites, the Horror Channel’s monthly guide to some of the highlights coming your way; and which this month comes from the heart of horror in the UK – Frightfest!

Our good friends at the Horror Channel have let us have the exclusive UK debut of their monthly show hosted by Emily Booth, which means you’ll see Horror Bites right here, before anywhere else.

This month the horror channel celebrates horror old and new, with a line-up that reflects some of my personal favourites – including the amazing thriller Crawl, the cult-classic Class of Nuke ‘Em High, the little-seen Wes Craven/Linda Blair flick Sunmer of Fear, the 80s heavy metal horror Trick or Treat as well as GoblinPaperhouse, the Thora Birch starring Train and the remake of My Bloody Valentine. It’s a vertitable Halloween of horror!


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