21st Sep2013

Jack’s Begging Letter

by Jack Kirby


Hi there Nerdly readers. How’s it going? I’m well cheers.

When I’m not watching films or reading comics or writing about them for this good site, I can frequently be found running around the mean streets of South East London late at night. This isn’t because I’m fighting crime as a masked vigilante, it’s because I’m currently training for my first half marathon, which is happening next Sunday and I’m getting ever so slightly concerned that this abstract concept is slowly but surely becoming a reality and I will have to exert physical energy for thirteen miles.

To ease the physical and psychological burden, I’ve been raising money for the charity I work for in my day job, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. If you’re from the UK, you’ve probably heard of it and know it as something kids at school do that involves them going hiking. There’s a little bit more to it than that – we work with thousands of young people who choose their own programme of activities and set their own goals to achieve that when completed lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. These are not only well recognised by employers, colleges and universities, but also encourage personal development, teamwork and leadership skills and are a lot of fun to take part in.

We work with young people from a whole range of different backgrounds, including those in prisons, housing associations and homeless shelters. Unfortunately, some young people face financial difficulties that restrict their opportunities to take part in the DofE. The money I raise will go to those young people to help them get involved in DofE programmes and all the benefits that come with participation. I know from personal experience that this can be hugely important in the development of young people for life and work.

If you’d like to contribute to my fundraising efforts, you can do so here. Any contribution will be gratefully received and as the person responsible for the distribution of the money, I can guarantee it will go to the young people who need it the most!

Thanks for reading,

Your pal Jack


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