01st Sep2013

When gambling meets gaming – Grand Theft Auto

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has become a genuine phenomenon in the gaming world, with the Grand Theft Auto 5 installment being the fifteenth one overall, rather confusingly. However throughout all the different variants of the GTA franchise that have hit the shops, one thing that has remained consistent is the presence of casino as part of the action – and already the rumour is that this is the case again with GTA 5. It seems likely that there will be a new casino featured as part of the game, although at present it’s not clear how players will buy what they need to play at it.

This will be one of the things that fans will be eager to find out, but previous versions of the game have made good use of casinos – especially GTA San Andreas. This is the version of the game with the most casinos, unsurprisingly since the fictional city of Las Venturas, which is one of the three main game locations, is basically a thinly disguised Las Vegas. It includes three casinos where gamers can actually play, and ten which are part of the game but not accessible to gamble at, and the games on offer at the former (The Four Dragons, The Casino Room and Caligula’s Palace) are slot machines, roulette, blackjack and wheel of fortune. Craps was also included as a gambling option, but was cut before the actual release (although both this and a poker table are still visible).

Although GTA San Andreas is easily the most casino-heavy version of the franchise, the abandoned Alderney Casino represents one of the most memorable locations in GTA 4, while the family-run Leone Casino is also pretty important in GTA: Liberty City. Given the way they have been incorporated into virtually every installment – whether as accessible or non-accessible elements – it would be a shock if there were no casinos in GTA 5. What remains to be seen is how the casino funding will work with this latest version.

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