12th Aug2013

Frightfest & Media Mogul team up to release ‘Shortcuts to Hell’ anthology

by Phil Wheat

Movie Mogul, in association with FrightFest and Horror Channel, are to release an anthology of the 26 best short films from the Frightfest 666 Short Cuts To Hell national talent search competition.

A collection of horror shorts – made under the same six, gruelling restrictions. Filmmakers had to choose from one of six existing titles, make their film no more than three minutes long, spend no more than £666, harnessing no more than six cast, six crew, six lines of dialogue and just six hours of shooting time  – Shortcuts to Hell: Volume 1 will be available on iTunes and BlinkBox from August 23rd 2013, coinciding with the announcement of the winner of the competition, who will receive a cheque for £6,666 from the judging panel (which includes Tom Six, Paul Hyett and Emily Booth), at Film4 FrightFest.2013.

Now if only they’d release an actual DVD of the anthology, with the awesome cover art below! Shortcuts to Hell: Volume 1 will be available on iTunes and BlinkBox from August 23rd 2013.



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