30th May2013

The Ten Best – 80s Movie Tunes

by Phil Wheat

One thing that marked the movies of the 1980’s more than anything else was the amazing soundtracks. The 80’s saw an explosion in licensed music in movies, and led to many bands finding success in the US, where previously they’d been struggling. In honour of the great movie soundtracks of the decade, here’s my rundown of the ten best Under Rated Movie Songs of the 80’s:

10. Joe Esposito – You’re the Best Around from The Karate Kid:

9. Kenny Loggins – I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man) from Footloose:

8. Tim Feehan – Where’s the Fire from The Wraith:

7. Stephanie Mills – Bit by Bit from Fletch:

6. Alisha – Do You Dream About Me from Mannequin:

5. John Farnham – Break the Ice from Rad:

4. Chas Jankel – Number One from Real Genius:

3. Max Carl – The Circle from Weird Science:

2. Amy McDonald – Shooting For the Moon from Teen Wolf:

1. Mark Safan – Win In The End from Teen Wolf:

So that’s my pick, but what about you guys? Do you agree or disagree? And what are your favourite under-rated songs found in 80’s movies? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

One Response to “The Ten Best – 80s Movie Tunes”

  • Fairportfan

    If you named any of these tunes and asked me if i’d ever heard them, i’d have said no.

    However, i know that i saw “Weird Science” way back then, and i might have seen “Real Genius”.

    Which leads me to conclude that the songs mentioned for those two films are eminently forgettable. (Of course, since i have no memory of “Real Genius”, even though i’m fairly sure i did see it, and i just know that i did see “Weird Science” and remember virtually nothing about it, it would appear that the songs match the movies in that regard.)