28th May2013

‘Kill For Me’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Donal Logue, Adam DiMarco, Shannon Chan-Kent, Torrance Coombs, Leah Gibson, Ryan Robbins, Colin Lawrence | Written by Christopher Dodd, Michael Greenspan, Christian Forte | Directed by Michael Greenspan


The writer and director of the Adrien Brody film Wrecked re-team for a new take on a familiar theme with Kill For Me, a “Single White Female” meets “Strangers on a Train” tale with a twist that follows two young women, both of whom have suffered abuse at the hands of men in their lives.

Following the disappearance of her college friend and roomate, Amanda (Cassidy) has to look for a roommate to help pay the rent. In walks Hailey (Spiridakos), who has just moved to college to get away from her own abusive past. Both girls find comfort in their friendship and make a pact to help each other overcome their pasts. No matter what the cost. When Amanda’s abusive ex-boyfriend catches up with her, Hailey comes to her rescue and the two become a little more than friends… So much so that Hailey does the ultimate deed for love and kills Amanda’s abusive boyfriend. But Hailey’s past becomes more transparent and it becomes difficult to decipher who is the victim and who is the cold-blooded killer.

If you’ve seen Single White Female then you know what to expect from Kill For Me. Whilst the film takes a slightly different tack  to that film, throwing in sapphic love, more violence and a much more psychotic roommate, the end product is pretty much the same – even if the film takes the most convoluted way round to get there.

With an almost incoherent opening, Kill For Me only really gets to the core of its story thirty minutes in, by which time you’ll no doubt be completely bored by its ridiculous premise. The film then spends another hour going round in circles until the inevitable conclusion. I find it hard to believe I’m saying this, but this movie makes The Roommate look like high art. The film is only saved from a meagre one star by the outstandingly psychotic performance of Tracy Spiridakos – by the end of the film I couldn’t tell if she was acting or really was a complete nut job!

Kill For Me is out on DVD now.

** 2/5


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