20th May2013

First poster for Pearry Teo’s ‘The Dark Prince’

by Phil Wheat

If you’ve been a long time reader of Blogomatic3000 (now, of course Nerdly) you’ll know how huge a fan I am of director Pearry Teo. He has helmed some fantastic straight to DVD movies – some of which put big-budget cinema flicks to shame – including the awesome Necromentia, Witchville and Dead Inside (aka The Evil Inside).

His latest film, The Dark Prince, is another take on the Dracula legend which stars Brit actor Luke Roberts as the titular character and Jon Voight as Van Helsing. The film, which was lensed in Romania, is currently at the Cannes Film Market and director Teo has revealed the films poster on his Facebook page (which if you’ve any interest in low-budget filmmaking you really should be following).


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