09th May2013

Official synopsis for Albert Pyun’s ‘The Kickboxer’ web series

by Phil Wheat


Following the news that director Albert Pyun and actor Sasha Mitchell have been discussing teaming up again for yet more tales of the kickboxer himself, David Sloan, here comes the official (rough) synopsis for the 12 to 18 episode web series, provisionally titled The Kickboxer

In hiding in South America for the past 20 years, happy working as blacksmith and raising his family off the grid in a small high mountain village in the Andes, Daniel (SASHA MITCHELL), is reluctantly drawn into a conflict between a drug cartel and his village. In the aftermath, an old friend of Daniel’s from his days running a gym, JOE (possibly Michael Dudikoff), now a DEA agent stationed in the region, offers his help.

In a bigger skirmish with Cartel soldiers recognize Daniel as an ex-kickboxing champion and set out to force him to fight in UFC style fights to the death the Cartel stages deep in the Amazon jungle and Cartel territory. In an attack, Daniel’s family is captured by the Cartel and force marched deep into the amazon jungle.

Danny goes after the Cartel, and, with the help of a village elder and Joe, tracks the Cartel deep into the Amazon. In the process, Daniel is captured and forced to participate in a MMA event staged by a Cartel for the pleasure of all Cartel bosses worldwide. The Pay For View signal is pirated around the world so audiences watch Daniel using his old style muay thai and kickboxing against modern MMA styles.

A Pay For View Cartel event with, for Daniel, the prize his family’s life.

(Source: Facebook)

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