01st May2013

Horror Channel’s Horror Bites – May Edition

by Phil Wheat

Welcome horror fans to the UK debut of the May edition of Horror Bites, the Horror Channel’s monthly guide to some of the highlights coming your way in the next month… Yes, you did read that right folks, our good friends at the Horror Channel have let us have the exclusive UK debut of their monthly show Horror Bites.

Hosted by Emily Booth, you’ll see Horror Bites right here, before anywhere else! And this month is extra special – the show has had a cracking (and creepy) revamp, with an all-new look for the forthcoming months… Check it out below:

This month the Horror channel are proud to be celebrating the centenary of one of Britain’s most beloved horror actors – can you believe Peter Cushing was born 100 years ago -? so we thought it fitting to remember a true legend of the Silver Scream with a day devoted to his some of his finest work…

Also this month’s Director’s Night is not to be missed as it features writer/actor/director/ horror savant Eli Roth, who waxes lyrical on his love of Italian zombie movies as he explains why The City of the Living Dead and Demons are great movie inspirations for him. Don’t miss his night of terror on May 30th.

One of the most popular horror genres of late is found footage – audiences can’t seem to get enough of it – so this month Horror Channel is pressing play with its season “Reel Fear”, featuring Welcome to the Jungle, Grave Encounters and The Blair Witch Project amongst others.


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