26th Mar2013

Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones Review

by Phil Wheat


Product: Tracks HD headphones
Manufacturer: Sol Republic
Input: 3.5mm jack (with in-line control)
RRP: £99.95

I’ve reviewed and road-tested plenty of different makes and models of headphones and earphones over the years – yet I still keep going back to the same pair of iLuv in-earphones each and every time. However I’m always on the lookout for the next great pair, be they for music use, watching movies or for when I’m gaming. So when the folks at Sol Republic asked if I want to check out their Tracks HD headphones I immediately jumped at the chance.

With any earphones or headphones I try there are always two main criteria: 1) how comfortable are they to wear for a long period of time; and 2) how good the bass sounds. And on those two criteria, the Tracks HD‘s score very highly. Designed from the ground up to deliver incredible sound, style and technology, in terms of comfort the headset features cups with substantial leather cushioning (dubbed SonicSoft by Sol Republic) which make them very comfortable on the ears.

Beyond the comfort, on of the most interesting features of Sol Republic’s Tracks HD are the interchangeable headbands – which means your headband could match your mood (or you could, in theory, buy a headband in your new favourite colour each and every week). And the ease with with Sol Republic have implemented the interchangeablility is fantastic: the on-ear headphones have a slot in them which is a tight fight to the headband and once slotted in they stay in place by magic. Or friction… But magic sounds better. Plus the headband is so tough and durable that Sol Republic say you can even twist and bend it!

So what about the sound quality? Well, Sol Republic’s Tracks HD are, and I can’t believe I’m saying this about a pair of on-ear headphones, the BEST sounding headphones I’ve ever come across and really are leaps and bounds above other similar headphones. Paired with my iPhone 4S, the sound reproduction is incredibly well-rounded. The bass feels meaty thanks to the V10 sound engine, with plenty of earthy tones; whilst the treble manages to convey a crispness that isn’t usually found in sub-£100 headphones, which means that voice reproduction sounds has a real clarity – which is great if you a lyric fan like me.

On top of all that, the three-button remote and ClearTalk microphone allows you to enjoy crystal clear calls and take control of your music while you are on the move. Unlike other headphones I’ve reviewed recently, for once everything comes together in one superb package!

Now my go-to headphones (sorry iLuv) Sol Republic’s Tracks HD have become my headphones of choice for not only watching movies on my iPad and Portable DVD player in bed, but also for everyday use. And the sound clarity is super-perfect for using the headphones with my Macbook when editing video. I say if you love over-the-ear headphones and don’t want to fork out for expensive headphones such as beats (there’s no need when the only difference between the two is the price) then the Tracks HD are a must-buy.

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