24th Mar2013

‘Roid Rage’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Zach Canfield, John Russo, Ben Evans, John Archer Lundgren, Grayson Lauffenburger, Randi Lee Krasny | Written and directed by Ryan Lightbourn


“Sammy Jenkins was a simple man who lived a simple life, until a genetic mutation sent his world spiraling out of control. Now, being hunted by the men responsible for his deformity, as well as the FBI, Sammy must fight back with his unique abilities in order to survive. Those unique abilities include the giant killer hemorrhoid growing out of his ass.”

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, along comes a killer hemorrhoid movie to totally mess with my head! Taking a cue from Frank Henlotter’s Brain Damage, Ryan Lightbourn’s Roid Rage features a down at heel protagonist who, thanks to circumstances beyond his control, becomes an out of control killer who must feed his new-found deformity – in this case a killer hemorrhoid who looks like as cross between Brain Damage‘s Elmer and the chest-burster from Alien!

This short spares no time in getting to the story, with a brief setup to introduce us to Sammy and the cops who are hunting him down. But what a story! The films brief 14-minute running wastes no time in getting to the good stuff: gloriously gory mutilations featuring eaten eyeballs, flayed skin, severed limbs, disemboweling and more. And despite the films low-budget the effects are actually really good and best of all they’re mostly practical – which for me is a real plus.

If you enjoyed Jason Eisener’s Hobo With a Shotgun then you’ll definitely enjoy Roid Rage – in fact this would make a perfect companion piece to Hobo as it has the same grindhouse stylings, OTT effects and ludicrous (yet somehow cool) story, all of which combine for a fun 14 minutes of insanity that really brought a smile to my face. Here’s hoping Lightbourn can spin this into a feature length flick!

For more information on Roid Rage, which was written, shot and edited entirely by Ryan Lightbourn, check out the official website and the official Facebook page.

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