05th Jan2012

‘3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Hiro Hayama, Leni Lan, Saori Hara | Written by Stephen Shiu, Mark Wu | Directed by Christopher Sun Lap Key

When reviewing 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy it’s hard to understand what point of view to take it from. If you take it from the fact it’s advertised as the first 3D “erotic” movie then you would expect nothing but a porn movie where you have to wear uncomfortable glasses and expect to be sexually turned on by what you are seeing, but then when you actually do make it through it you realise that it’s false advertising.

The movie is about Wei Yangsheng who on marrying Tie Yuxiang for love fiends that he underperforms in the bedroom department, in his view of course it is not he who is the problem but her and his lusts lead him to look to other places to satisfy him. This leads him into a world of seduction, riches and a shallow nature where only (and yes this is where it gets strange) having his penis transplanted with an animal will help him satisfy the women he longs for. Through the sexual corruption of not only himself but his marriage this leads to his downfall where he will learn the true meaning of not only his love but the love of his wife and the cost his selfishness has on her.

The description I gave above really does highlight one thing that makes it a slightly strange movie; yes he has a penis transplant from an animal which extends his very small penis into a huge member that satisfies all women who have the dubious chance of experiencing it. For an “erotic movie” though this for me was more of a farce as I laughed at the scenes that were dubiously trying to be sex and was more like scenes out of the Scary Movie franchise. This was when I realised just how serious you were meant to take this movie and saw it for what it was one hell of a funny movie. On the side story of Wei Yangsheng’s wife though you see a more sadistic side of the tale as she goes through the pain of the man’s selfishness although she also finds a way to handle her own sexual needs that her husband can no longer fulfil.

The movie was obviously filmed with an eye for the 3D as things are thrown at the screen at certain points to grab your attention but really there is not much use for the gimmick and that is what it comes across as, just a gimmick to try and sell what is a crazy assed movie (no pun intended there with the use of a donkeys penis). I will say though if you are a fan of crazy martial arts movies that don’t take themselves seriously this is one to look at. The special effects including the 3D are at acceptable levels and the fight scenes are way better than the so called sex scenes which the movie seems to try and rely on.

I’d argue that if you were in the mood for a crazy movie where anything can happen (and to a point does) and you don’t mind seeing giant male members (that are covered not actually in full view) being waved around the screen to prove the man’s prowess as a sexual partner then you may actually make it through the movie. I did make the point that the movie failed at being “erotic” but I won’t put down the women as not being attractive though as there were plenty of attractive women in there, it’s just a shame they did not have better uses than they were used for in this movie. Not a classic of genre but quite good as a passing distraction.


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