26th Oct2010

Book Review: The Essential Superman Encyclopedia

by Phil Wheat

Written by Robert Greenberger and Martin Pasko | Published by Titan Books


I found this book very hard to review, the story starts with a character called Abdul and his friends Abdullah and Abernathy, K. Russel then seems to jump from person to thing and back to person in a strange alphabetical fashion eventually ending (SPOILER WARNING) with the reader meeting Zumoor and Zynthia. The author is perhaps too descriptive, in fact that’s all he seems to do… Oh hang on it’s an Encyclopedia

The Essential Superman Encyclopedia is a comprehensive A-Z that spans the range of all things Superman, including entries on Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, his super friends and enemies. It also includes details of Superman s origins and his membership of the Justice League and early adventures as Superboy.

Most of the entries are illustrated with black and white art comic book art, and there are two 16-page full colour inserts.

Overall this is a great Superman Encyclopedia and an expected follow up to Titan Books’ Essential Batman and Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedias, but probably only of interest to dedicated Superman fans. Although the book does prove useful in unravelling DC Comics crazy history of reboots, where they destroy whole universes, retroactively rewriting a characters origins to make them fit better with the times, only to do it again a decade later. Hence why many character entries in this encyclopedia talk about different versions of the character(s).

The Essential Superman Encyclopedia is out now. You can buy it direct from Titan Books via their official website.


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